Building mentally healthy cultures

In January 2023 we rolled out a large scale programme for 6 colleges across Wales to support senior leaders and staff. To develop this programme we worked closely with the 6 colleges throughout 2022 to understand their picture of success and agree outcomes for the project we were looking to deliver. As part of the programme our focus was on ensuring that senior leaders within the college understood their role and responsibilities towards contributing to a mentally healthy culture.

The programme consisted of 3 core elements:

  1. Working with senior leaders to help them drive a culture of wellbeing – This focused on working with a small group of senior leaders from each college to help them understand how they can build resilience and fulfil both human and organisational needs.
  2. Trauma informed lens – A large part of the project focused on supporting staff within the colleges to understand how better to support staff and students who have experienced stress and trauma. This part of the project was implemented through a train the trainer style delivery and was supported by videos, infographics and practical tools
  3. Social skills – We developed an engaging learning curriculum (consisting of videos, infographics & tools) for all students across the 6 colleges to ensure that they were equipped with the appropriate skills to build social awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience.
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Mentally healthy cultures

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