Believe Perform are the world’s most accessible source of mental fitness expertise.

Mental Fitness Matters

Who are we


BelievePerform are leaders in the delivery of mental health programmes & resources for the education and sport sector


We are dedicated to moving mental health beyond awareness and into action by providing people with accessible, engaging and applied mental fitness resources.


Through better education we have the power to inspire and support individuals to feel more confident in looking after themselves and supporting others.

Our pledge

For decades we have witnessed the benefits of society embracing habits that promote physical health. It is now time to bring about the same energy, importance, and commitment towards mental health.


What we do


As part of our hybrid delivery model we have developed a range of programmes that can be utilised within your environment to promote positive mental health


We have developed a range of self guided online educational resources which support the delivery of the PSHE curriculum specifically focused on mental fitness and wellbeing


As world leaders in visual led learning we have created over a thousand infographics to promote positive behaviours that boost mental fitness


Face to face or online delivery to up skill senior leaders and staff

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