Empowering Teachers for Mental Health Resilience in the Birmingham HAF Programme

The Birmingham Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme was a great collaborative project which aimed at bridging the holiday experience gap for children from low-income households in England. Children in such households often face challenges like social isolation, limited access to organised out-of-school activities, and unhealthy holidays impacting their nutrition, mental, and physical health. To address these issues, In 2023 we were asked to build and deliver a “Train the Trainer” mental health resilience and life-skills program for teachers. The goal was to empower teachers to deliver a life skills online module focused on developing young learners’ resilience and life skills using animated videos, tools, and resources.

We implemented the above by:

  1. Train the Trainer Program: BelievePerform organised workshops and training sessions for teachers participating in the Birmingham HAF programme. These workshops equipped teachers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively deliver the mental health resilience module to young learners.
  2. Life Skills Online Module: The life skills online module designed by BelievePerform incorporated animated videos, tools for proactive practice and infographics for young learners. It covered various aspects of resilience and mental well-being, encouraging children to develop their unique “resilience recipe” by identifying strengths and coping mechanisms.
  3. Hexaflex Integration: The mental health wellbeing hexaflex was integrated into the online module to provide a holistic framework for understanding and enhancing mental health resilience. The hexaflex encouraged learners to explore different dimensions of their well-being and provided practical strategies for positive change.

Results: The implementation of BelievePerform’s mental health resilience program led to the following positive outcomes:

  1. Increased Teacher Confidence: Teachers feeling more confident and empowered to address mental health and resilience-related topics with their students. They appreciated the comprehensive training and resources provided by BelievePerform.
  2. Enhanced Learner Resilience: Young learners were given the opportunity  to practice their new found skills and tools in a safe sapce. The combination of animated videos and practical tools made the learning experience enjoyable and effective.
  3. Positive Impact on Mental Well-being: The incorporation of the mental health wellbeing hexaflex encouraged learners to take meaningful actions in various aspects of their lives.
  4. Long-term Benefits: The skills and knowledge imparted to teachers through the “Train the Trainer” program had a lasting impact beyond the holiday period. Teachers had the opportunity to incorporate resilience-building activities in their regular curriculum, benefiting students year-round.
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