Wellbeing Programmes

From a half day masterclass to long term development programmes with access to videos, infographics & tools

Organisational Wellbeing Programmes

Wellbeing calendar

Wellbeing calendars to support organisational wellbeing strategy which typically includes access to a wide range of videos, infographics and tools as well as sessions for people and leaders.

Calendars follow monthly themes which encourage action and can be bespoked to fit the needs of the organisation.

Stress management

An evidence based stress management programme embedded in cognitive behavioural therapy principles designed for people and leaders. This programme includes access to videos, infographics and actionable tools to support positive wellbeing.

Options from standalone sessions to 12 week programmes that take people through a systematic improvement plan.

Mental health training for managers

An approach designed for leaders embedded in the principles of compassionate leadership. Our mental health training for managers can be tailored for the conditions within the organisation so managers are equipped to look after themselves and lead their teams.

Mental fitness

A structured set of sessions focused around key principles of wellbeing to help people and leaders be more ready to cope with the daily demands of work and life.

Sessions include access to self guided learner curriculums that support people to learn practical skills that contribute to building positive mental and physical health.


A series of resilience sessions for people and leaders that allow them to be ready to cope with the reality of their conditions.

Embedded in core psychological principles these sessions provide people with practical and actionable tips for maintaining and boosting resilience.

Sessions include access to tools, infographics and videos to support continual learning and development.

As a result of the programme I’ve got a much better understanding of how to work with others to develop their resilience and how to manage my own responses to the stress that I experience

Our approachPeople who are fit for purpose


When supporting people within the workplace we believe that organisations have a role and responsibility in ensuring that employees are fit for purpose and ready to cope with the daily demands of both work and life.


Employee assistance programmes & access to weekly coaching are all important components part of a wellbeing strategy but they are reactive measures that don’t focus on enhancing health. Organisations should be a place that enhance wellbeing and positively contribute to peoples purpose, satisfaction, performance & productivity.


Wellbeing programmes need to move beyond 2 hour courses. Our wellbeing programmes focus on engagement, impact and behavioural change. This is achieved through building bespoke learning pathways that provide people with opportunities to practise skills in real life, reflect and receive feedback.