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Football Parents, Coaches and Players; the Athletic Triangle

Youth sport is unique because it involves communication, coordination, and maintenance of relationships among multiple adults, all of whom are key stakeholders in a child-athlete’s sporting experience (Blom et al, 2013). The interpersonal relationships […]

Posted 11 months ago by Lewis Charnock
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Mental health in elite sport: It’s tough to talk

In recent years there has been increasing acknowledgement of the problem of mental health in elite sport. Research shows that while sports people are susceptible to mental health problems to broadly the same extent […]

Posted 2 weeks ago by Sally Hilton

Why is goal setting important

Much research has been conducted which specifically focuses on athletes, with the aim of to determine their most personal effective goal-setting strategy. Larsen and Engell, (2013) state that goal setting is ‘one of the […]

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Bourne

The Influence of Media Portrayal of Women on Female Participation in Sport & Exercise.

As the greatest show on earth – The Olympic Games – grips our attention once more, there is an increased focus on the way in which women are portrayed in the media. But what […]

Posted 2 months ago by Erin Prior

Actovegin: the new performance enhancer on the block?

No sooner have the news reports ended, are we commencing speculation over a ‘new’ drug. Earlier this year there was wide spread panic over the use of Meldonium which was recently banned. Now, a […]

Posted 2 months ago by Sarah Griffiths

“The Naked Sport Psychologist – Is there a role for self-disclosure in the Sport & Exercise Psychology context”?

Self-disclosure As new and innovative skills in therapy evolve and are discussed, self-disclosure is becoming an increasingly hot-topic of debate between different theoretical orientations (Aron, 1996; Casement, 1988; Farber, 2006; Goldstein 1997; Henretty & […]

Posted 3 months ago by Jess Brainch

Exercise Dependence: Symptom or Disorder?

The current UK guidelines suggest that adults should accumulate 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity across the week (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence [NICE}, 2012). Despite evidence of the positive health […]

Posted 3 months ago by Gillian Thomas

BREXIT Part 2 – What the HELL happened England

Borris Johnson forged ahead with his assertion that it was best for Great Britain to be out of Europe, Little did he realise that he could have seen the English soccer team follow his […]

Posted 4 months ago by Keith Begley

Emotional Intelligence & Effective Leadership

“those to whom much is given, much is required” – John F Kennedy Following the culmination of this year’s Superbowl, the NFL’s end of season extravaganza, one member of the losing Carolina Panthers team […]

Posted 4 months ago by Rich Sille

Changing The Focus: Appreciating the need for four corner coaching education

If we are to acknowledge the ability of coaches to have a significant effect on an athlete’s psychological welfare (Chelladurai, 1990, Mageau & Vallerand, 2003, Potrac, Jones & Cushion, 2007) it would seem sensible to […]

Posted 5 months ago by Tom Shields

The Success of Leicester City FC

So we are all delighted and enthralled with the monumental achievement of Leicester City upsetting the odds and winning the premier league only 2 years after promotion in 2014. Nottingham Forest achieved a similar […]

Posted 5 months ago by Keith Begley

The problem with self-control

DO NOT THINK ABOUT A PINK ELEPHANT. When reading a command like that, the majority of people invariably think of a pink elephant. It’s pretty unavoidable, the more we try to suppress a particular […]

Posted 6 months ago by Michael Roskams

Mental Toughness: Olympic Greatness

It doesn’t seem that long since the London 2012 Olympic Games were gracing our TV screens in the Summer that saw Great Britain achieve 29 Olympic Gold medals across 26 sports. Fast forward to […]

Posted 6 months ago by Sarah Griffiths

‘Exergaming’, the craze that never was.

In this day and age, technology is everywhere we go. We carry it with us on a day to day basis and are glued to it when we leave work to go home. This […]

Posted 6 months ago by Bradley Bridgewater

Doping in sport: Meldonium

One of the most discussed topics in sport at present is the doping scandal and corruption that has taken place widespread across athletics, resulting in many athletes losing confidence in the sport and the […]

Posted 6 months ago by Sarah Griffiths

1 Day Masterclass in Applied Sport Psychology ‘Conducting Telephone & Skype Consultancy with Athletes’

A Masterclass in Applied Sport Psychology  ‘Conducting Telephone Consultancy with Athletes’  BOOKING DETAILS  Masterclass; Due to the workshop format places are limited to 30 people. You are advised to book early to avoid disappointment. Masterclass […]

Posted 6 months ago by BelievePerform

Why Spieth Lost the Masters

Jordan Spieth threw away a 5 shot lead at the Augusta Masters golf tournament 2016 having dominated the competition until the last day. Walking on to the tenth hole on the final day he […]

Posted 7 months ago by Keith Begley

Emotional Intelligence Applied Practice in Football

Positive mind-set allows performance levels to increase because it facilitates direction and focus. The relationship between mental preparation and sport psychology therefore becomes important and there is evidence of its use in cricket, golf […]

Posted 7 months ago by Gobinder Gill

Self-Confidence in Sport

THEORY: Self-confidence is your ability to undertake tasks. It is your ability to understand that you can achieve any number of goals. Self-confident people enjoy the tasks they undertake and remain positive throughout. Self-confidence […]

Posted 7 months ago by Gobinder Gill

The Growth Mindset – not just for sports stars

For those of us who take an interest in what’s going on in the world of sport and performance psychology, the concepts of growth and fixed mindsets will be nothing new. Simply put, if you […]

Posted 8 months ago by Michael Roskams

Self-regulation – a cognitive skill to monitor progress?

Self-regulation – a cognitive skill to monitor progress? According to Richards (2011), “self-regulation refers to the process in which individuals monitor, manage, and control their behaviours, thoughts, emotions, and interactions with the environment, including […]

Posted 8 months ago by Mark Keep
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