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Music, Quotes and Exercise: Is it a ‘Fad’ or Fact?

Posted 4 years ago Hannah Farmer 2 minute read comment

Today we are living in a digital era, and the advancements being made in technology are continuing to grow at extortionate rates. Since the […]


Music in performance

Posted 4 years ago James Barraclough 1 minute read comments

Music Some recent research (Karageorghis et al 2009) has found the following relating to music: Beats per minute (BPM) in music are linked to […]


How can music influence performance

Posted 5 years ago Valerie Dennehy 2 minute read comments

Music plays an important role in people’s everyday lives (Rentfrow & Gosling, 2003). Music plays a role in the sport and exercise domain. In […]


Using music as a warm-up for winning

Posted 5 years ago Hannah Farmer 2 minute read comments

In a sport and exercise context, music is typically used in one of four ways; Asychnronous, Synchronous, Pre-task and Recuperative. The current article will explore […]


Motivation: Get into “Flow” with music in sport and exercise

Posted 5 years ago Hannah Farmer 3 minute read comments

For elite athletes, fitness fanatics and gym goers, having the right frame of mind is the best way to achieve the perfect performance. The […]


How to benefit from music in sport and exercise

Posted 5 years ago Hannah Farmer 2 minute read comments

During the last two decades, advancements in technology have allowed music to grow into being an effective intervention to achieve a range of desirable […]


The importance of music to performance

Posted 6 years ago Hannah Newman 1 minute read comments

How many of you have listened to music while you train? How many people do you see in the gym or running down the […]


The power of sound

Posted 6 years ago Catherine Robertson 1 minute read comment

It is common to hear music blaring in sports stadiums and a frequent sight at events, such as the Olympics, is to see athletes […]


Music: How to effectively use it before, during, and after activity

Posted 6 years ago Suzanne Pottratz 4 minute read comments

n 2013, it is impossible to go into any workout facility and not see the majority of the exercisers with headphones in or to […]

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