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Mindfulness: Improving Sports Performance & Reducing Sport Anxiety

Posted 3 years ago Crystal Chariton 2 minute read comment

Athletes spend much of their time mentally and physically preparing for athletic competitions in hopes of improving playing performances. However, many athletes are inconsistent […]


What is a Panic Attack?

Posted 4 years ago Catherine Robertson 1 minute read comments

Given the high demands of life in our fast moving society, we are all vulnerable to experiencing feelings of both stress and anxiety. Feelings […]


What is Anxiety?

Posted 4 years ago Catherine Robertson 2 minute read comments

Anxiety is both a psychological and physiological phenomenon. Anxiety is related to emotions such as fear, and negative thoughts such as not being able […]


Identify your fear of re-injury and overcome it!

Posted 5 years ago Leah Moore 3 minute read comment

Unfortunately injury is a common threat when it comes to both elite and non-elite sport. How we cope with it may determine our path […]


Emotional thermometer – Controlling competition anxiety

Posted 6 years ago Catherine Robertson 2 minute read comments

Competition anxiety will affect all of us, although the extent to which it strikes varies from athlete to athlete. We are often told “it’s […]


Fear in Sport (Part 2)

Posted 6 years ago Stuart Pattison 7 minute read comment

In part one we looked at James Loehr’s (1982) model of the Ideal Performance State which gave us a brief insight into the power […]


Fear in Sport (Part 1)

Posted 6 years ago Stuart Pattison 3 minute read comments

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be on a skiing vacation in Austria, and it was within this majestic setting that I found the […]


Overcoming fear of failure and risk taking

Posted 6 years ago Suzanne Pottratz 2 minute read comments

All athletes experience fear or anxiety at some point in their sporting career, but how does the fear of failure effect their actual performance? […]


Overcoming fear in Sport: Creating a mastery environment

Posted 6 years ago Spencer Vickery 2 minute read comment

This article discusses the interventions that can be put in place to help performers to adopt a healthier attitude towards their sport. It follows […]

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