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Professional Pressure – Football and Mental Health

Posted 4 years ago Tracy Donachie 3 minute read comments

Football has been described as “more than just a game” (Jones, 1995). As a result, footballers are experiencing psychological distress despite achieving great sporting […]


Exercise as treatment for anxiety and depression

Posted 4 years ago Catherine Robertson 2 minute read comments

1 in 4 of us will suffer with poor mental health at some point in our lives. Anxiety can affect around 16% of the […]


Depression and performance enhancing drugs – Are we willing to understand this relationship?

Posted 6 years ago Leah Moore 10 minute read comment

The development of depression during retirement from professional sport has been highlighted by many athletes and most recently by swimming legend Ian Thorpe.  James […]


Would you encourage your children into the world of competitive athletics?

Posted 6 years ago Sarah Griffiths 3 minute read comment

Not so long ago I was asked by a friend of mine, who is an athlete as well as me and has been for […]


Depression in elite sport

Posted 6 years ago Sophie Walton 2 minute read comments

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses worldwide and in recent years the affirmation of depression has increased within the elite athlete […]


The sportsman’s demon depression

Posted 6 years ago Keith Begley 3 minute read comments

Numerous accounts of high profile sports people suffering from depression have surfaced in recent times. Unfortunately, not all cases have been reported by the […]


‘So What’s Next?’ – Life After Professional Sport

Posted 6 years ago BelievePerform 3 minute read comment

Retirement – the reality! For many years, sport psychologists have referred to retirement from sport as a ‘transition’. However, Nesti and Littlewood (2010) argue […]


Life after sport: Depression in the retired athlete

Posted 6 years ago Emma Vickers 4 minute read comments

It is often said that a sports star will die twice, the first time at retirement. For elite athletes who have dedicated their lives […]


The importance of perspective in sport

Posted 6 years ago Spencer Vickery 3 minute read comments

More and more factors such as anxiety, depression, anger, worry, and frustration just to name a few are becoming the norm in not just […]


The benefits of running and exercise on mental health

Posted 6 years ago Catherine McCanny 2 minute read comments

Introduction Firstly I should state that I’m not a mental health expert. I have however studied sport and exercise psychology, therefore the effects that sport […]


Exercise and psychological well being

Posted 6 years ago BelievePerform 2 minute read comment

In this article we shall look at the effects that exercise has on psychological well/ill being.  In todays society 25% of people experience anxiety disorders […]


Exercise No Good for Depression – What did this research really tell us?

Posted 6 years ago Helen O' Connor 2 minute read comments

Last year several newspapers reported the failure of a randomised controlled trial to identify any additional long-term benefit of ‘facilitated exercise’ over and above […]


Depression in cricket

Posted 6 years ago Hannah Newman 2 minute read comments

Depression within Cricket has hit the headlines in recent years with many household names such as Andrew Flintoff, Steve Harmison and Marcus Trescothick opening […]

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