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Psychos in Sport

Psychopathy is a personality style that refers to certain effective and interpersonal traits such as selfishness, self-centeredness and a lack of empathy. Psychopathy is […]

Written by Charles Gardiner 2 minute read

Aggression and level of contact within sport

Aggression is the display of an intentionally harmful physical action, rather than a cognitive or affective state (Tod, Thatcher & Rahman, 2010). It takes […]

Written by Luci Smith 2 minute read

The MAC approach to sport performance enhancement

Frank Gardner and Zella Moore (2001) developed the Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) approach to sport performance enhancement in a response to the absence of research supporting […]

Written by Mitch Plemmons 2 minute read

Importance of the coach-athlete relationship

Sports performance is determined by many factors. According to Serpa (1999), and the trends from the literature, the coach-athlete relationship is an important factor […]

Written by Tracy Donachie 2 minute read

The ACT hexaflex applied to sport

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) (Hayes, Strosahl, & Wilson, 1999) is a treatment approach that views experiential avoidance, inflexible attentional processes and reduced attempts […]

Written by Mitch Plemmons 3 minute read

Is it always better to exercise with other people?

The internet is filled with great advice from well-meaning advocates of exercise and the consensus is clear – if you want to have the […]

Written by Richard Fryer 2 minute read

Coaching Style: Fierce vs Friendly

It has long been said in the media that different coaches have different styles of coaching. The question is, what does this really mean? […]

Written by Ben Sheath 2 minute read

An introduction to information processing system , memory and its role in sports.

Information processing system focuses on how we deal with the vast amount of information that is available to us when we are performing skills. […]

Written by Sidd Sampla 3 minute read

The effect of anxiety on world cup penalty shootouts.

Many international footballers have missed penalties in FIFA World Cups over the years. Whether it be Italy’s Roberto Baggio in the 1994 final; or […]

Written by Henry Woodward 4 minute read

Brazil 2014: Penalty Shootouts: They’re just a lottery… right?

So for once, England’s fate will  not be decided by penalties in the World Cup. Their early exit at the group stage has saved as the […]

Written by Darren Britton 3 minute read

Brazil 2014: Home Advantage – Does it count?

The World Cup 2014 is upon us and all eyes will be on the host nation Brazil. The purpose of this article is to […]

Written by Gobinder Gill 2 minute read

Brazil 2014: The Perfect Penalty

Penalites. It is one of the cruellest methods of deciding a victor in any sport. Both ecstasy and agony in a heartbeat. A hero […]

Written by Ross Methven 4 minute read

How can music influence performance

Music plays an important role in people’s everyday lives (Rentfrow & Gosling, 2003). Music plays a role in the sport and exercise domain. In […]

Written by Valerie Dennehy 2 minute read

Blocked versus random practice in skill acquisition

We have all heard the old adage of “practice makes perfect”… maybe even “perfect practice makes perfect”. But there is something about the way […]

Written by Valerie Dennehy 2 minute read

A new theoretical framework to get in the zone

Everybody working in the field of sports knows that one critical factor to develop and perform is to get in the zone. The zone […]

Written by Mauro van de Looij 5 minute read

Home advantage

After drawing in an away match to West Brom, after the game, Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers looked forward to the following week’s fixture with […]

Written by Nick Gearing 4 minute read

The athlete personality?

This article presents the first in a series of articles I shall write with regards to personality in the context of sport and exercise. […]

Written by Jennifer Hobson 2 minute read

What is sport psychology?

Sport psychology means different things to different people, as I found out when the question was put to a group of football coaches in […]

Written by Helen Oliver 2 minute read

What is sport psychology?

Back in 1925, Coleman Griffith (soon to become known as the Grandfather of Sport Psychology) became the first person to make a career out […]

Written by Sophie Walton 2 minute read

Observation as an alternative to imagery II

Observation as an alternative to imagery – II In my last article (click to view) I suggested that observation could be used as an […]

Written by Anne-Marie Higgins 1 minute read