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7 tips for managing stress

Posted 1 week ago BelievePerform 0 minute read comments

Managing Stress in Elite Junior Athletes

Posted 8 months ago Tim Lathlean 11 minute read comments

Exercise and sport, collectively, represent the most popular leisure activity for the adolescent age group (Gerber, Holsboer-Trachsler et al. 2011). As a result, there […]


Stress – It’s Everywhere!

Posted 2 years ago Kyle McDonald 1 minute read comments

We would be naive to think that stress does not exists in most of our daily lives as well as in our athletes’ lives. […]


What is a Panic Attack?

Posted 2 years ago Catherine Robertson 1 minute read comments

Given the high demands of life in our fast moving society, we are all vulnerable to experiencing feelings of both stress and anxiety. Feelings […]


Why coping with the media is essential for any ‘wonderkid’.

Posted 3 years ago Matthew Nield 2 minute read comments

In recent times sport and especially football has seen a flurry of young sporting ‘wonderkids’ being shot into the media spotlight.  With Real Madrid’s […]


The effect of exercise on the stress response

Posted 3 years ago Scott Findlay 2 minute read comments

Psychosocial stress is a natural response that occurs in the human body when a problem arises that an individual feels they may not be […]


Identify your fear of re-injury and overcome it!

Posted 3 years ago Leah Moore 3 minute read comment

Unfortunately injury is a common threat when it comes to both elite and non-elite sport. How we cope with it may determine our path […]


Finding time for elite junior athletes

Posted 4 years ago Tim Lathlean 3 minute read comments

Few studies have investigated the role of overall life stress and wellness on performance and injuries in elite junior sport. The adolescent phase of […]


Using sport psychology strategies to reduce stress in the military

Posted 4 years ago Katie Nichols 3 minute read comment

Military personnel face extreme levels of stress that impact not only their performance but also their readiness and personal relationships (Mastroianni, Mabry, Benedek, & […]


A new context for coping in sport: Age related issues

Posted 4 years ago Helen Oliver 2 minute read comments

Simply ‘Google’ coping in sport and thousands of research papers appear. Even on this website 10 articles are listed under the topic. As sport […]


Hardiness Development

Posted 4 years ago Kyle McDonald 2 minute read comment

One common aspect in developing our culture of excellence is the concept of hardiness and handling adversity. Hardiness revolves around how a person perceives […]


The importance of perspective in sport

Posted 4 years ago Spencer Vickery 3 minute read comments

More and more factors such as anxiety, depression, anger, worry, and frustration just to name a few are becoming the norm in not just […]


One way to get over choking in The Open

Posted 4 years ago Sean Ryder 3 minute read comment

You have the talent, you’ve been working hard at your game, you’re physically in great shape and you’ve won plenty of times in the […]


Stress appraisal: Challenge vs threat

Posted 4 years ago Phin Naughton 2 minute read comments

This article focuses on the process of appraising stressors and the impact this may have for sporting performance. It will provide an overview of […]


Stress and the glass of water

Posted 4 years ago Mike Margolies 2 minute read comment

I want to run you through a demonstration I have used in workshops and with individual clients. It’s called Stress and a Glass of […]


A Guide to Controlling Nerves

Posted 5 years ago Gobinder Gill 1 minute read comments

It is often the case that we suffer from anxiety. Anxiety can be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term). Anxiety can also be related to pre-match nerves […]


Anxiety within sport

Posted 5 years ago Catherine McCanny 2 minute read comments

You would be hard pressed to find an athlete who doesn’t react in some way to imminent competition. This article focuses on the feelings […]


Stress in elite sports

Posted 5 years ago Andrew Wood 3 minute read comment

At the present time I am a Masters student studying Sport and Exercise Psychology and therefore I have had very little experience in delivering […]


Stress in sport

Posted 5 years ago Mark Robinson 3 minute read comments

Stress has been identified as crucial in sport, influencing performance as well as social functioning (Jones & Hardy, 1990). Increased anxiety and burn-out are […]


Pressure of staying at the top

Posted 5 years ago Ben Marks 4 minute read comments

For many years athletes dedicate themselves to the path of elitism within their respective sport. Hours upon hours of practice, military like regimes combined […]

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