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Identifying and managing organisational stress in para-athletes

Posted 1 month ago Clare Cunningham 7 minute read comments

In the past 20 years the Paralympic Games has experienced rapid growth as athlete numbers have increased from 3,259 in 1996 to 4,328 in […]


Acute stress in sport

Posted 1 month ago Roisin Kelly 0 minute read comments

Acute Stress in Sport: What is it and how do we cope?

Posted 1 month ago Roisin Kelly 7 minute read comments

What is it? There are many reasons people give to being stressed. Trying to balance work and a social life, meeting deadlines, preparing for […]


The 4 Stages of Stress

Posted 2 months ago Gobinder Gill 2 minute read comments

Stress is a common attribute and trigger that we all suffer from on a daily basis. This stress is normally attributed to high levels […]


Managing Stress in Elite Junior Athletes

Posted 11 months ago Tim Lathlean 11 minute read comments

Exercise and sport, collectively, represent the most popular leisure activity for the adolescent age group (Gerber, Holsboer-Trachsler et al. 2011). As a result, there […]


Stress – It’s Everywhere!

Posted 2 years ago Kyle McDonald 1 minute read comments

We would be naive to think that stress does not exists in most of our daily lives as well as in our athletes’ lives. […]


What is a Panic Attack?

Posted 3 years ago Catherine Robertson 1 minute read comments

Given the high demands of life in our fast moving society, we are all vulnerable to experiencing feelings of both stress and anxiety. Feelings […]


Why coping with the media is essential for any ‘wonderkid’.

Posted 3 years ago Matthew Nield 2 minute read comments

In recent times sport and especially football has seen a flurry of young sporting ‘wonderkids’ being shot into the media spotlight.  With Real Madrid’s […]


The effect of exercise on the stress response

Posted 3 years ago Scott Findlay 2 minute read comments

Psychosocial stress is a natural response that occurs in the human body when a problem arises that an individual feels they may not be […]


Identify your fear of re-injury and overcome it!

Posted 3 years ago Leah Moore 3 minute read comment

Unfortunately injury is a common threat when it comes to both elite and non-elite sport. How we cope with it may determine our path […]


Finding time for elite junior athletes

Posted 4 years ago Tim Lathlean 3 minute read comments

Few studies have investigated the role of overall life stress and wellness on performance and injuries in elite junior sport. The adolescent phase of […]


Using sport psychology strategies to reduce stress in the military

Posted 4 years ago Katie Nichols 3 minute read comment

Military personnel face extreme levels of stress that impact not only their performance but also their readiness and personal relationships (Mastroianni, Mabry, Benedek, & […]


A new context for coping in sport: Age related issues

Posted 4 years ago Helen Oliver 2 minute read comments

Simply ‘Google’ coping in sport and thousands of research papers appear. Even on this website 10 articles are listed under the topic. As sport […]


Hardiness Development

Posted 4 years ago Kyle McDonald 2 minute read comment

One common aspect in developing our culture of excellence is the concept of hardiness and handling adversity. Hardiness revolves around how a person perceives […]


The importance of perspective in sport

Posted 5 years ago Spencer Vickery 3 minute read comments

More and more factors such as anxiety, depression, anger, worry, and frustration just to name a few are becoming the norm in not just […]


One way to get over choking in The Open

Posted 5 years ago Sean Ryder 3 minute read comment

You have the talent, you’ve been working hard at your game, you’re physically in great shape and you’ve won plenty of times in the […]


Stress appraisal: Challenge vs threat

Posted 5 years ago Phin Naughton 2 minute read comments

This article focuses on the process of appraising stressors and the impact this may have for sporting performance. It will provide an overview of […]


Stress and the glass of water

Posted 5 years ago Mike Margolies 2 minute read comment

I want to run you through a demonstration I have used in workshops and with individual clients. It’s called Stress and a Glass of […]


A Guide to Controlling Nerves

Posted 5 years ago Gobinder Gill 1 minute read comments

It is often the case that we suffer from anxiety. Anxiety can be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term). Anxiety can also be related to pre-match nerves […]


Anxiety within sport

Posted 5 years ago Catherine McCanny 2 minute read comments

You would be hard pressed to find an athlete who doesn’t react in some way to imminent competition. This article focuses on the feelings […]

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