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Psychology in big wave surfing

Posted 2 weeks ago Fred Hanbury 4 minute read comments

This sport involves surfers to ride waves that can build to the height of 60-80feet (and above) (Beal et al. 2010). Unlike normal surfing […]


Emotional Intelligence: Applied Practice – A Perspective for Sports Coaches

Posted 3 weeks ago Gobinder Gill 8 minute read comments

Positive mindset allows performance levels to increase because it facilitates direction and focus. The relationship between mental preparation and sport psychology therefore becomes important […]


Emotional Intelligence & Effective Leadership

Posted 10 months ago Rich Sille 2 minute read comments

“those to whom much is given, much is required” – John F Kennedy Following the culmination of this year’s Superbowl, the NFL’s end of […]


Why Spieth Lost the Masters

Posted 1 year ago Keith Begley 2 minute read comments

Jordan Spieth threw away a 5 shot lead at the Augusta Masters golf tournament 2016 having dominated the competition until the last day. Walking […]


The Growth Mindset – not just for sports stars

Posted 1 year ago Michael Roskams 3 minute read comments

For those of us who take an interest in what’s going on in the world of sport and performance psychology, the concepts of growth and […]


Stress Management in Sport

Posted 1 year ago Gobinder Gill 0 minute read comments

THEORY: Stress is both good (positive) and bad (negative). It is how we deal with stress that is important. We need stress in our […]


Playing and Coaching – Passing the Torch While It’s Lit

Posted 1 year ago Ieva Melanija Kibirkstis 3 minute read comments

Parent-coaches are very common in youth sports. This is not necessarily a negative thing— there are plenty of parents who do a great job—but […]


Focus in Sport

Posted 1 year ago Gobinder Gill 0 minute read comment

THEORY: Focus is an essential component to sporting success. Focus allows performers to attend to the cues in hand and concentrate on tasks to […]


Exercise Maintenance, Weight-loss and New Years Resolutions. From Failure to Success

Posted 1 year ago Keith Begley 3 minute read comment

So January comes around again and everybody sets out with fantastic aims of losing weight and improving their health after the Christmas excess. Gyms […]


How Jose Mourinho Lost His Amazing Techni-colour Dream Coat

Posted 1 year ago Keith Begley 4 minute read comments

Jose Mourinho sat with an unshaven beard and shaved head at the club’s Cobham training ground for the club’s annual Christmas meal just hours […]


Emotional Intelligence: Role in Coaching

Posted 1 year ago Lauren Onojaife 1 minute read comments

Coaching is far more than just teaching sports skills to individuals and teams. It is also about inspiring, giving confidence and motivating others by […]


Football Parents, Coaches and Players; the Athletic Triangle

Posted 1 year ago Lewis Charnock 2 minute read comments

Youth sport is unique because it involves communication, coordination, and maintenance of relationships among multiple adults, all of whom are key stakeholders in a […]


Stress – It’s Everywhere!

Posted 1 year ago Kyle McDonald 1 minute read comments

We would be naive to think that stress does not exists in most of our daily lives as well as in our athletes’ lives. […]


Why am I doing this at my age? Physical activity or competitive sport

Posted 1 year ago Rebecca Chidley 2 minute read comment

Introduction The 4th October saw over 23,000 runners take to the streets of Cardiff for the annual half marathon. Although the final figures for […]


Handling Pressure in Sport

Posted 1 year ago Gobinder Gill 0 minute read comments

THEORY: Pressure is something that we handle in two ways. One is positive, the other is negative. Performers who handle pressure in a positive […]


Positive Self-Talk in Sport

Posted 1 year ago Gobinder Gill 0 minute read comment

THEORY: Positive self-talk relates to the ability to overcome negative thinking. Those who practice positive self-talk are more likely not to suffer from negative […]


Enhancing Self-Awareness – Maintaining a Psychological Mind Balance

Posted 1 year ago Gobinder Gill 1 minute read comment

Psychology is undoubtably a fascinating area that has many characteristics which can enpower people in both thought and emotion. Examples of extreme psychology can […]


The 12 point Self-Confidence Plan

Posted 1 year ago Gobinder Gill 2 minute read comments

This article is written for the purpose of practitioners and performers in facilitating self-confidence levels. In practice, the 12 point self-confidence plan is a […]


Early specialisation and elite performance

Posted 1 year ago Frank Heggebo 2 minute read comments

Early specialisation is a major trend in child and adolescent sports (Hecimowich, 2004), but is this approach to athletic development research-driven and supported in […]


Can imagery increase the strength of a muscle?

Posted 1 year ago Sean Doherty 1 minute read comments

Recently I conducted an experiment as part of a university assignment examining the predictions of bio-informational theory (Lang, 1979) and the effectiveness of imagery […]

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