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The athlete personality?

Posted 4 years ago Jennifer Hobson 2 minute read comments

This article presents the first in a series of articles I shall write with regards to personality in the context of sport and exercise. […]


Born to be number one, or is second actually the best?

Posted 4 years ago Sarah Griffiths 2 minute read comment

There are many theories surrounding the development of personality. The Biological Approach to personality suggests that genetics are responsible, with a well researched link […]


Personality in sport: Everyone is different

Posted 4 years ago Ben Sheath 3 minute read comment

Personality is difficult to define due to its complex nature; however one definition in the literature is ‘the characterisation of individual differences’ (Wiggins, 1996). […]


Tiger Woods – can personality explain his behaviour?

Posted 5 years ago Anne Kennedy 5 minute read comment

Within Psychology personality refers to “psychological qualities that contribute to an individual’s enduring and distinctive patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving”. This psychohistory of […]

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