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Mental toughness: Nature vs. Nurture?

Posted 4 years ago Charles Gardiner 6 minute read comments

Having a strong psychological foundation will allow athletes to achieve the greatest execution of a skill can during a performance (Gucciardi et al, 2008). […]


Are top athletes born or made?

Posted 4 years ago Mauro van de Looij 5 minute read comments

Have you ever seen the television series Made (MTV)? On this show one person wants to change his or her life and often wants […]


Talent – The invisible phenomenon

Posted 5 years ago Ben Marks 4 minute read comment

Talent has been at the centre of much deliberation over the past few years, not only with research experts, but also with general consultants […]


Are winners born or made?

Posted 5 years ago James Barraclough 6 minute read comments

The above question has been posed countless times and explored in many ways since the advent of talent identification in professional sport (and other […]

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