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Hydration and cognition: Drinking to stay alert

Posted 3 years ago Ben Sheath 2 minute read comments

Athlete preparation is a hugely diverse area with many different factors contributing to producing the best possible performance on any given occasion. It is […]


Brazil 2014: How important is hydration for athletes at Brazil 2014?

Posted 4 years ago Chloe Doble 2 minute read comments

Playing at the World cup is undoubtedly a huge highlight within a footballer’s career. With the title being one of the most prestigious within […]


Brazil 2014: Will hydration affect cognitive performance?

Posted 4 years ago Sheree Bekker 1 minute read comment

Hydration is a sports safety issue that has, in the past, been misunderstood. Dehydration is a myth that has been perpetuated by the marketing […]


Hydration and endurance performance: Debunking the myths

Posted 4 years ago Mark Windsor 2 minute read comment

The topic of hydration still appears to be confusing for those who are looking for advice. A quick search on online and you will […]


How does alcohol, caffeine and hyper hydration affect Sleep?

Posted 5 years ago BelievePerform 2 minute read comments

Alcohol Drinking alcohol before sleep can be viewed as having both a positive and negative influence on sleep. Most research suggests that consumption of […]

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