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Perform the Switch – Leon Lloyd – Life outside of sport

Following a successful career as a professional, international rugby player, injury forced Lloyd into an early sporting retirement at the age of 30. Here, […]

Podcast 029: Applied Sport Psychology with Kate Kirby Lead sport psych with the Irish Institute of Sport

Podcast 028: Developing Resilience in Sport

In our latest podcast we talk to Dr Mustafa Sarkar about growth, adversity and how athletes and coaches can develop resilience in sport.

Podcast 027: Fatigue Management in Sport

In this podcast we talk to Professor Andy Lane about the different techniques and strategies that athletes can use to manage psychological/physical fatigue in […]

Podcast 026: Dr Angus Mugford Director IMG Institute

Podcast 025: Dr Emma Kavanagh (Social Media in Sport)

Podcast 024: Sean Figgins PhD Researcher BPS DSEP Rep

Podcast 023: Dr Paul McCarthy Sport and Exercise Psychologist

Podcast 022: Dr Tracey Devonport Sport and Exercise Psychologist (Coping in Sport)

Podcast 021: Dr Linda Duffy (The Psychology of Darts)

Podcast 020: James Lambdon Trainee Sport and Exercise Psychologist

Podcast 019: David Harrison Performance Psychologist

Podcast 018: Dr Martin Turner Sport and Exercise Psychologist

Podcast 017: Dr Mustafa Sarkar Resilience in Sport

Podcast 016: Dr Robert Morris Career Transitions in Sport

Podcast 015: Podcast with Elliot Newell Performance Psychologist

Podcast 014: Dr Richard Neil Sport and Exercise Psychologist

Rich is a Reader in Sport and Exercise Psychology in the Cardiff School of Sport. He is also the Programme Director for the B.Sc. […]

Podcast 013: Jim Thompson Founder of Positive Coaching Alliance

Jim Thompson is founder and CEO of Positive Coaching Alliance, a national non-profit organization he started in 1998 to transform the culture of youth […]

Podcast 012: Caroline Weir Bristol Academy Women

Podcast: 011 Rebecca Symes Sport and Exercise Psychologist