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Expected Performance After Head Injury – How to Approach an Invisible Opponent

Sports related head injuries (e.g., concussions) affect one’s ability to concentrate, make decisions, foster learning, and perform both individually and collaboratively as part of […]

Written by Michael Mellinger 4 minute read

Visualization – A Practice Supplement

Each and every day athletes are trying to gain an edge over their competitors. Regardless of how an athlete trains (e.g., diets, exercise, or […]

Written by Michael Mellinger 4 minute read

Coaching Styles and Performance Outcomes

Coaching styles and coaching strategies are terms typically thrown around in academia, the media, and sport. For the purpose of this read, I will […]

Written by Michael Mellinger 2 minute read

The Psychology of Injury: The curious case of Daniel Sturridge

After failing to score for the fifth game running, pundits, journalists and fans alike are trying to pinpoint why Daniel Sturridge is struggling to […]

Written by Ben Cochrane 3 minute read

Moving the goal posts

Nine weeks ago I sustained a bad knee injury in training and 7 weeks ago I had significant knee surgery to repair it. My […]

Written by Lisa Kearney 1 minute read

Self-Belief, Mastery Experiences, and Performance in Sport

Considering the new name of the website, I thought it would be fitting to expand on the relationship between belief and performance. In order […]

Written by Lennie Waite 2 minute read

Podcast: 007 with Paul Robinson Birmingham City Football Club Captain

In today’s podcast we talk to Paul Robinson about the challenges he has faced as a football player. We discuss numerous aspects looking at […]

Podcast 005: Beth Bingham Welsh Hockey Player

In this podcast we talk to Beth about all things Hockey. We explore the psychology behind playing hockey and the demands that Beth deals […]

Podcast 004: Psychology of Swimming with International Swimmer Sian Harkin

In this podcast we talk to Sian Harkin about psychology and swimming. Sian talks to us about what she finds most mentally challenging from […]

Introducing: Libby Mitchell

Who are you? My name is Libby Mitchell, I am 21 years old and I am an international swimmer for Great Britain. I’m in […]

Written by Libby Mitchell 1 minute read

Introducing: Paul Robinson

Who are you? Paul Robinson professional football player for Birmingham City Football Club My background I started at Watford Football Club from the age […]

Written by Paul Robinson 1 minute read

Introducing: Jamie Peacock

Jamie Peacock MBE is considered to be one of the best players of his generation, having won every honour in the domestic game. A […]

Written by Jamie Peacock MBE 1 minute read

Introducing: Yael Averbuch

Who are you? My name is Yael Averbuch and I am currently a professional soccer player for F.C. Kansas City, originally from Upper Montclair, […]

Written by Yael Averbuch 1 minute read

Introducing: Adam Campbell

I’m a professional footballer for Newcastle United and have been on loan at Carlisle United, St Mirren, Fleetwood Town, Hartlepool United and Gateshead. I […]

Written by Adam Campbell 0 minute read

Introducing: Sarah Holt

Who are you? I am a Great Britain athlete specialising in the hammer throw How did you get into sport? I played a range […]

Written by Sarah Holt 0 minute read

Introducing: David Murdoch

Who are you? David Murdoch Age  36 Full time athlete (curling) Skip of Team GB Olympic Silver medallists 2014 Live in Stirling Based at […]

Written by David Murdoch 0 minute read

Introducing: Sian Harkin

Who are you? My name is Sian Harkin, I am 20 years old, and I am currently a full time third year student at […]

Written by Sian Harkin 1 minute read

Introducing: Laura Innes

Who are you? Laura Innes D.O.B: 04/11/89 Sport: Handball (Goal Keeper) How did you get into sport? I began playing handball at the late age […]

Written by Laura Innes 1 minute read

Introducing: John Jackson

Who are you? My name is John Jackson and I am the Great Britain Bobsleigh Pilot. How did you get into sport? I joined the […]

Written by John Jackson 0 minute read

Introducing: Lisa Kearney

Who are you? My name is Lisa Kearney and I am 26 years old. How did you get into sport? I have been participating […]

Written by Lisa Kearney 1 minute read