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The effects of heat on sport performance

Posted 5 years ago Sarah Griffiths 3 minute read comments

Heat stress from the environment can be detrimental to sporting performance, challenging the limits of the human cardiovascular system, temperature regulation and altering body […]


Practising penalties – Necessary or pointless?

Posted 5 years ago James Barraclough 4 minute read comments

Gareth Southgate: “I’ve only taken one penalty before, for Crystal Palace at Ipswich. It was 2-2 in the 89th minute, I hit the post […]


Is an autocratic style of coaching more effective than a democratic one?

Posted 5 years ago Richard Fryer 2 minute read comments

We’ve all seen it or heard about it – stories of top football coaches shouting, throwing things all in the name of getting the […]


Brazil 2014: The Perfect Penalty

Posted 5 years ago Ross Methven 4 minute read comments

Penalites. It is one of the cruellest methods of deciding a victor in any sport. Both ecstasy and agony in a heartbeat. A hero […]


Brazil 2014: Altitude and the Soccer World Cup

Posted 5 years ago Tim Lathlean 3 minute read comment

With the 2014 World Cup in Rio rapidly approaching, it is of great interest to reflect of the 2010 World Cup winners, Spain, and […]


Saving penalties – Luck or design?

Posted 5 years ago James Barraclough 2 minute read comment

Continuing with the theme of penalties, this time I will explore whether there is any skill involved in goalkeepers trying to save them or […]


Mindfulness and acceptance – World Cup Edition

Posted 5 years ago Mitch Plemmons 2 minute read comment

The penalty kick is widely considered the most anxiety-provoking situation in all of football. Whether it be a schoolyard match at the local grade […]

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