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Team Cohesion – help or hinder?

Posted 2 years ago Emily Cheek 3 minute read comments

Team cohesion in sport involves a variety of factors e.g. coaches and the environment and can be defined as: ‘a dynamic process that is […]


Tips for Creating a Strong Team Culture

Posted 4 years ago Warrick Wood 2 minute read comments

The term ‘culture’ is thrown around a lot in sport.  However, what does it mean exactly and, as coaches, how do we create and […]


Group Formation

Posted 5 years ago Nick Gearing 3 minute read comments

There are many opinions of what a group really is defined as. According to Carron, Hausenblas, and Eys (2005) a group in a sporting […]


Is an autocratic style of coaching more effective than a democratic one?

Posted 5 years ago Richard Fryer 2 minute read comments

We’ve all seen it or heard about it – stories of top football coaches shouting, throwing things all in the name of getting the […]


Kevin Pietersen: The Importance of team cohesion

Posted 5 years ago Lauren Onojaife 2 minute read comment

Ex-England cricket batsman Kevin Pietersen (KP) is in the limelight again as Paul Downton, the managing director of the England and Wales Cricket Board […]


The power of the underdog

Posted 5 years ago Duncan Foster 5 minute read comments

In August of last year I moved to the USA to play soccer for a small university in Tennessee. What we achieved as a […]


What are the effects of having roles and responsibilities in team sport?

Posted 6 years ago Ross Methven 3 minute read comments

What are roles and responsibilities? In order for a team to be successful it is important that players and staff all have set roles […]


Manchester United – from a group psychology perspective

Posted 6 years ago Frank Heggebo 2 minute read comments

In may 2013, Alex Fergunsons`26 years, successful leadership of Manchester United came to an end. During his career as manager, the club won the […]


Team building to overcome team conflict

Posted 6 years ago BelievePerform 1 minute read comments

A Team-Building Intervention Whether it is on or off the playing field, effectively dealing with conflict goes a long way in determining success.  Once […]


The impact of team conflict

Posted 6 years ago BelievePerform 1 minute read comments

Conflict within a team sports at both amateur and elite level is a likely occurrence at some point! Conflict can arise among members of […]


Where to start when working with teams

Posted 6 years ago Elliot Newell 3 minute read comments

I think that it is fair to say that a team is far more than a collection of athletes. The term ‘cohesion’ is often […]


How will the British and Irish Lions succeed down under?

Posted 6 years ago Mark Brodie 3 minute read comments

How a team operates and performs has been a major talking point amongst psychologists for years. Putting together a successful team is a great […]


Team cohesion

Posted 6 years ago Gavin Teehan 2 minute read comments

Coaches often talk about teams needing time to “gel” in order to perform at their maximum potential. What exactly does this mean? It has […]

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