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Creating the winning mentality (Applying in the sports field)

Posted 3 years ago Mauro van de Looij 5 minute read comments

I have elaborated on the discussion about the lack of the winning mentality in football minded Holland here: In this article I will […]


Training the eyes

Posted 3 years ago Henry Woodward 3 minute read comment

The development of scientific research in sport has given coaches the opportunity to extract tested training methods and apply them to practice. They have […]


Food For Thought – Sports Psychology and Nutrition

Posted 3 years ago Niklas Cederström 4 minute read comments

We all know that nutrition helps the body complete the tasks we set for it, but does it also influence cognitive and psychological systems? […]


Pressures Athletes Face in Sport

Posted 3 years ago Kelly Bourne 3 minute read comments

Every range and level of sport demands correct and functional management in order to achieve a positive success rate. All athlete’s strive for excellence, […]


The Psychological Effects of Injury

Posted 3 years ago Nollaig O' Sullivan 2 minute read comment

Injury is one of the most common threats that athletes encounter during the season. Athletes frequently take part in major competitions despite ‘having a […]


Physical activity, Type 2 diabetes and the Transtheoretical Model of change.

Posted 3 years ago Sarah Kelly 2 minute read comments

There are around 2.7 million people diagnosed with diabetes in England, 90% of who have Type 2 diabetes (UK Health and Social Care Information […]


Developing a Coaching “Philosophy”

Posted 3 years ago Niklas Cederström 3 minute read comments

Most coaches that I’ve encountered have what they call a “coaching philosophy” which seems to me a quite broad and unexplained term. It can […]


Bigorexia: The Internal Mirror

Posted 3 years ago PRE PERFORM 2 minute read comments

The term ‘muscle dysmorphia’ was coined in 1997 (Pope, Gruber, Choi, Olivardia, & Phillips, 1997) to describe this new form of disorder, commonly referred […]


The Danger of ‘Stereotype Threat’

Posted 3 years ago Tom Hodgins 2 minute read comments

In recent years, East Africans have dominated the middle- and long-distance running domains, Jamaicans prevail in sprint distances whilst the USA predominates in basketball. […]


Crowd Effects and the Home Advantage

Posted 3 years ago Amie Wilson 2 minute read comments

As an avid football fan myself, I often wonder if all the effort I put into supporting my team from the stand really does […]


Parental Role in developing young athletes

Posted 3 years ago Dannielle Starkie 2 minute read comments

Millions of young children participate in sports across the world, from joining a football team or training camp, finding a love for running or […]


Self Talk, Attentional Focus and Skill Execution – Best Practice

Posted 3 years ago Keith Begley 3 minute read comments

International rugby stars and place kickers Dan Carter, Jonny Sexton and Jonny Wilkinson, among many others place the ball, set themselves, say something to […]


Podcast 025: Dr Emma Kavanagh (Social Media in Sport)

Posted 3 years ago BelievePerform 0 minute read comments

Low-Carbohydrate High-Fat: Part 1 – Introduction

Posted 3 years ago Scott Findlay 2 minute read comments

Weight loss is a major concern in most developed countries. With surveys showing that the majority of adults in the US are trying to […]


The Problem with Talent

Posted 3 years ago Matt Furness 2 minute read comments

I dislike how we use the word ‘talent’. A quick google of the word ‘talent’ provides the following definition: natural aptitude or skill. Despite […]


Podcast 024: Sean Figgins PhD Researcher BPS DSEP Rep

Posted 3 years ago BelievePerform 0 minute read comments

Choking: How do athletes perform whilst under pressure?

Posted 3 years ago Henry Breck 7 minute read comments

Margins between success and failure in elite sport become smaller every year (UK Sport 2014). Consequently, performing under pressure can be extremely demanding for […]


Gaze behaviour and penalty kicks: a goalkeeper’s perspective.

Posted 3 years ago Charles Steward 2 minute read comments

In past football competitions it has been recorded that 25% and 33% of goals scored in the 2004 UEFA European Championships and 2006 FIFA […]


Psychological Momentum in Sport

Posted 3 years ago Valerie Dennehy 4 minute read comment

In physics momentum is defined as the ability of an object to continue moving due to its mass and velocity. In sport, psychological momentum […]


Drop Out From Youth Sport; Responsibilities of the Coach

Posted 3 years ago Keith Begley 4 minute read comments

We are looking now looking at a situation in the Western world where obesity is becoming an epidemic. Reports suggest that over 35% of […]

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