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Coping Under Pressure: The Value of Emotional Control

Posted 3 years ago Erin Prior 4 minute read comments

As our lives become increasingly fast-paced, with everything accessible at merely the touch of a button, both our personal and professional lives are becoming […]


Increasing and Maintaining Emotional Control Under Pressure

Posted 3 years ago Erin Prior 7 minute read comments

In today’s fast-paced society, coping under pressure seems more vital than ever and is often a necessary skill across many professional domains. But how […]


Orthorexia: bridging the gap

Posted 4 years ago Sarah Griffiths 2 minute read comments

Orthorexia is becoming increasingly well known across many individuals, within the media and by researchers. This relatively new identified eating disorder just may be […]


Le Tour de France 2015: Combating spectator hostility

Posted 4 years ago Catherine Robertson 5 minute read comments

There are very few sports other than road cycling, where fans and spectators can experience the sport so close to the elite athletes. This […]


What is a Panic Attack?

Posted 4 years ago Catherine Robertson 1 minute read comments

Given the high demands of life in our fast moving society, we are all vulnerable to experiencing feelings of both stress and anxiety. Feelings […]


Why kids quit sport

Posted 5 years ago Richard Fryer 3 minute read comments

Youth sport is a subject close to my heart. As a parent of three pre school-age children, participation in organised sporting activities is already […]


Self efficacy in sport and exercise: Determining effort, persistence and performance

Posted 5 years ago Sarah Griffiths 6 minute read comments

A complex process of self appraisals and self persuasion form the basis of judgements that individuals create with regards to whether they believe they […]


Social media and athlete psychological wellbeing

Posted 5 years ago Sophie Walton 3 minute read comments

Since the birth of Twitter, the social media world has catapulted into something only once imaginable. The impact Twitter has had on the sports […]


Hydration and cognition: Drinking to stay alert

Posted 5 years ago Ben Sheath 2 minute read comments

Athlete preparation is a hugely diverse area with many different factors contributing to producing the best possible performance on any given occasion. It is […]


The psychology of food choice

Posted 5 years ago Aine Brislane 3 minute read comments

I can only assume that with the abundance of information that is at our fingertips today, we are quite aware of what is good […]


Tour de France 2014: Mental Toughness

Posted 5 years ago Sarah Griffiths 3 minute read comments

The end of the Tour de France 2014 has arrived and around 170 cyclists have battled their way through a lively, atmospheric Yorkshire to […]


Performance analysis, psychology and the role of the motivational video

Posted 5 years ago Emily Draper 2 minute read comments

Performance Analysis and Sports Psychology are perhaps the two newest additions to the strings of the sports science bow. Documents of their effectiveness are […]


I Use the Gym; Where’s my Shaker and my Capsules!

Posted 5 years ago Aine Brislane 4 minute read comment

According to the American Dietetic Association, Dieticians of Canada and the American College of Sports Medicine (2000), only people who severely restrict their energy […]


Intimidation in sport – Are you a wolf?

Posted 5 years ago David Harrison 2 minute read comment

I was on a recent train journey and I needed something to read so I picked up a copy of New Scientist (1 June […]


Emotions in sport: Applied emotion regulation intervention

Posted 6 years ago Dan Shaw 8 minute read comments

This article aims to give an insight into the deliberate use of emotions within sport performance through an applied perspective. The course of the […]


Our greatest enemy… and our biggest ally?

Posted 6 years ago Saqib Deen 2 minute read comments

Our greatest enemy… and our biggest ally? I recently tweeted a riddle a few days ago. Unfortunately nobody had the answer. The riddle goes […]

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