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Dealing with Pressure Triggers

Posted 2 years ago Gobinder Gill 1 minute read comments

Sport practitioners deal with a number of pressure triggers that can affect their athletes’ performance levels. Two common pressure triggers include physical and mental […]


Emotional Control Under Pressure: A Practical Guide

Posted 2 years ago Erin Prior 1 minute read comments

This brief practical guide will provide feasible recommendations for developing emotional control in high pressure situations. Encouraging Emotional Intelligence: This very useful form of […]


Coping Under Pressure: The Value of Emotional Control

Posted 2 years ago Erin Prior 4 minute read comments

As our lives become increasingly fast-paced, with everything accessible at merely the touch of a button, both our personal and professional lives are becoming […]


Doping in sport: Meldonium

Posted 3 years ago Sarah Griffiths 4 minute read comments

One of the most discussed topics in sport at present is the doping scandal and corruption that has taken place widespread across athletics, resulting […]


Handling Pressure in Sport

Posted 4 years ago Gobinder Gill 0 minute read comments

THEORY: Pressure is something that we handle in two ways. One is positive, the other is negative. Performers who handle pressure in a positive […]


Pressures Athletes Face in Sport

Posted 4 years ago Kelly Bourne 3 minute read comments

Every range and level of sport demands correct and functional management in order to achieve a positive success rate. All athlete’s strive for excellence, […]


Choking: How do athletes perform whilst under pressure?

Posted 4 years ago Henry Breck 7 minute read comments

Margins between success and failure in elite sport become smaller every year (UK Sport 2014). Consequently, performing under pressure can be extremely demanding for […]


Premier League Relegation Pressure

Posted 4 years ago Mark Brodie 2 minute read comments

With 37 games played, the last match of the English Premier League (EPL) season on Sunday 24th May will see heroes and villains forged. […]


Five key attributes of the mentally tough athlete

Posted 4 years ago Evie Serventi 4 minute read comments

Mental toughness is hard to quantify and define, and it is increasingly evident that the concept can mean different things to different people. UK […]


“Feeling the pressure playing in golf team events”

Posted 4 years ago Rebecca Chidley 3 minute read comments

As a trainee Sport Psychologist I have carried out a selection of workshops and consultancy in golf. It recently came to my attention from […]


The pressures of competing

Posted 5 years ago Kyle McDonald 2 minute read comment

In all of sports and for that matter business we face pressure in our everyday objectives. Meeting a deadline, scoring a goal or a […]


Pressure in sport: How real is it?

Posted 5 years ago Emma Vickers 3 minute read comment

“There is a lot of pressure put on me, but I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself. I feel if I play […]


The power of the underdog

Posted 5 years ago Duncan Foster 5 minute read comments

In August of last year I moved to the USA to play soccer for a small university in Tennessee. What we achieved as a […]


Emotions in sport: Applied emotion regulation intervention

Posted 6 years ago Dan Shaw 8 minute read comments

This article aims to give an insight into the deliberate use of emotions within sport performance through an applied perspective. The course of the […]


How to achieve optimal attentional focus

Posted 6 years ago Keith Begley 1 minute read comments

Ronan O Gara and Jonny Wilkinson, among many others place the ball, set themselves, say something to themselves and then go about their business […]


A Guide to Controlling Nerves

Posted 6 years ago Gobinder Gill 1 minute read comments

It is often the case that we suffer from anxiety. Anxiety can be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term). Anxiety can also be related to pre-match nerves […]


Anxiety within sport

Posted 6 years ago Catherine McCanny 2 minute read comments

You would be hard pressed to find an athlete who doesn’t react in some way to imminent competition. This article focuses on the feelings […]


Stress in elite sports

Posted 6 years ago Andrew Wood 3 minute read comment

At the present time I am a Masters student studying Sport and Exercise Psychology and therefore I have had very little experience in delivering […]


Stress in sport

Posted 6 years ago Mark Robinson 3 minute read comments

Stress has been identified as crucial in sport, influencing performance as well as social functioning (Jones & Hardy, 1990). Increased anxiety and burn-out are […]


Pressure of staying at the top

Posted 6 years ago Ben Marks 4 minute read comments

For many years athletes dedicate themselves to the path of elitism within their respective sport. Hours upon hours of practice, military like regimes combined […]

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