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Developing a Challenge Mindset – A Key to Resilience

Posted 8 months ago Guy Tasker 6 minute read comments

“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” – William Arthur Ward. A challenge mindset has long been associated with improved sports […]


Growth Mindset: Reaching your full potential

Posted 2 years ago Casper Farrimond 3 minute read comments

Over the years, there has been many athletes that have been tipped to be the next big star, but fail to reach their full […]


Change your mindset

Posted 3 years ago BelievePerform 0 minute read comments

Spend time throughout your day to change your mindset from negative to positive.


Mental Toughness: Olympic Greatness

Posted 3 years ago Sarah Griffiths 3 minute read comment

It doesn’t seem that long since the London 2012 Olympic Games were gracing our TV screens in the Summer that saw Great Britain achieve […]


Doping in sport: Meldonium

Posted 3 years ago Sarah Griffiths 4 minute read comments

One of the most discussed topics in sport at present is the doping scandal and corruption that has taken place widespread across athletics, resulting […]


Maintaining Motivation for Exercise: New Year, New You?

Posted 4 years ago Sarah Griffiths 4 minute read comments

Now 2016 is fully upon us, many of us will have noticed an increase in the amount of people in your local gym. A […]


The Problem with Talent

Posted 4 years ago Matt Furness 2 minute read comments

I dislike how we use the word ‘talent’. A quick google of the word ‘talent’ provides the following definition: natural aptitude or skill. Despite […]


Becoming a more confident performer

Posted 4 years ago Chris Lynch 4 minute read comment

Its the week of the big game, exam or even a job interview, you start to feel ‘butterflies’ in your stomach, you start to […]


Mental Toughness and Exercise

Posted 4 years ago Danielle Burns 3 minute read comments

The topic of frequent physical activity and, more importantly, a sedentary lifestyle dominate the media on a near-daily basis. Although many people feel they […]


Five key attributes of the mentally tough athlete

Posted 4 years ago Evie Serventi 4 minute read comments

Mental toughness is hard to quantify and define, and it is increasingly evident that the concept can mean different things to different people. UK […]


The Relationship Between Mindset and Achievement Behaviour

Posted 5 years ago Henry Woodward 3 minute read comment

The nature vs. nurture debate is one that has divided sports fans for years. How are world-class athletes created? Are innate characteristics passed down […]


Team resilience and it’s role in the Rugby World Cup

Posted 5 years ago Jack Marlow 3 minute read comment

The term ‘mental toughness’ is probably the most used psychological term used by pundits, writers, journalists, coaches and athletes alike. Yet the definition of […]


What is talent – A growth mindset approach (1/2)

Posted 5 years ago Mauro van de Looij 4 minute read comments

The nature versus nurture debate is still an ongoing debate concerning athletic expertise. As I have written before I believe athletes are made rather […]


Cricket: The batting mindset

Posted 6 years ago Hannah Newman 4 minute read comments

You begin your journey from the pavilion to the middle. Maybe you’re a club cricketer, you’ve been waiting all week to play your favourite […]


The power of superstitions and rituals in sport

Posted 6 years ago Liam Blackwell 2 minute read comments

We’ve all seen or heard of elite sports people performing ritual movements before competitions, from a 100m runner blessing themselves before a race, to […]


How to benefit from music in sport and exercise

Posted 6 years ago Hannah Farmer 2 minute read comments

During the last two decades, advancements in technology have allowed music to grow into being an effective intervention to achieve a range of desirable […]


Mindset – The fundamental ingredient to success

Posted 6 years ago BelievePerform 3 minute read comments

Why is it that some player’s who are labeled as being “less talented” become more successful than their “more talented” peers? This question has […]

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