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Emotional Intelligence & Effective Leadership

Posted 3 years ago Rich Sille 2 minute read comments

“those to whom much is given, much is required” – John F Kennedy Following the culmination of this year’s Superbowl, the NFL’s end of […]


Emotional Intelligence: Role in Coaching

Posted 4 years ago Lauren Onojaife 1 minute read comments

Coaching is far more than just teaching sports skills to individuals and teams. It is also about inspiring, giving confidence and motivating others by […]


Tips for Creating a Strong Team Culture

Posted 4 years ago Warrick Wood 2 minute read comments

The term ‘culture’ is thrown around a lot in sport.  However, what does it mean exactly and, as coaches, how do we create and […]


Defining Leadership

Posted 5 years ago Kyle McDonald 2 minute read comments

Competitive Will has been fortunate to work with some organizations in the last few months on leadership development. Through team building exercises and workshops […]


Leadership development

Posted 5 years ago Kyle McDonald 1 minute read comments

The age old question, are leaders born or are they made? I’m sure many have opinions but the question of leadership is not as […]


Brazil 2014: Coaching style – how can it influence the World Cup results?

Posted 5 years ago Frank Heggebo 3 minute read comments

England has during the last World Cups experienced different styles of coaching. Sven Gøran Eriksson applied his democratic coaching style on the English stars, […]


Is an autocratic style of coaching more effective than a democratic one?

Posted 5 years ago Richard Fryer 2 minute read comments

We’ve all seen it or heard about it – stories of top football coaches shouting, throwing things all in the name of getting the […]


Leadership and the role of a leader in sports

Posted 6 years ago Sidd Sampla 2 minute read comments

Successful teams have strong leaders and the importance of this role is evident in all categories of sports. The performance of a leader is […]


The leader state

Posted 6 years ago Tracy Donachie 3 minute read comment

Are you bringing out the best in the people you work with? What leadership skills do you hold? Do you display positive emotions and […]


Transformational leadership: Darren Lehmann helps transform ‘no hopers’ into Ashes winners

Posted 6 years ago Chris Knight 3 minute read comments

The turnaround in fortunes of the Australian cricket team has been a remarkable story as Darren Lehmann’s men went from perennial losers to Ashes […]


Manchester United – from a group psychology perspective

Posted 6 years ago Frank Heggebo 2 minute read comments

In may 2013, Alex Fergunsons`26 years, successful leadership of Manchester United came to an end. During his career as manager, the club won the […]


How to become an effective Leader

Posted 6 years ago BelievePerform 3 minute read comments

Within psychology the topic of leadership has been extensively studied over the last hundred years. Leadership is defined as the process by which an […]


Coach, The transformational leader

Posted 6 years ago Victor Satei 1 minute read comment

The Transformational Leader is someone who inspires others to go further than what they are capable of. A good coach is able to help […]

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Leadership and the role of a leader in sports

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