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The Australian Open – Applied Psychology

Posted 2 years ago Gobinder Gill 2 minute read comment

2018 offers elite sports stars many opportunities to win their respective tournaments/competitions/finals. The Australian Open, which begins in mid-January and offers an opportunity to […]


Why Spieth Lost the Masters

Posted 3 years ago Keith Begley 2 minute read comments

Jordan Spieth threw away a 5 shot lead at the Augusta Masters golf tournament 2016 having dominated the competition until the last day. Walking […]


Continued Professional Development Workshops for Neophyte Sport Psychology Practitioners: Working with Team Sports

Posted 4 years ago Rebecca Chidley 5 minute read comments

As Neophyte Sport Psychology practitioners with the Golf Union of Wales (GUW) we are always looking for ways to improve our consultancy styles. As […]


Anxiety in golf

Posted 4 years ago Matthew Cheesbrough 4 minute read comments

Anxiety is an unpleasant motivational state (Lundqvist et al. 2011) comprising of cognitive (worrying thoughts) and somatic (oneself perception of physiological arousal) anxiety (Englert […]


The Masters are around the (Amen) Corner

Posted 5 years ago Kyle McDonald 1 minute read comments

The end of March of course means that the Masters at Augusta National is just around the corner, it also means that North of […]


How to develop an effective pre performance routine

Posted 6 years ago Adam Kelly 2 minute read comments

This article will run from how to develop a pre performance routine, via four questions, which will help you to develop your own routine. […]


The power of superstitions and rituals in sport

Posted 6 years ago Liam Blackwell 2 minute read comments

We’ve all seen or heard of elite sports people performing ritual movements before competitions, from a 100m runner blessing themselves before a race, to […]


One way to get over choking in The Open

Posted 6 years ago Sean Ryder 3 minute read comment

You have the talent, you’ve been working hard at your game, you’re physically in great shape and you’ve won plenty of times in the […]


The importance of imagery in sport

Posted 6 years ago James Barraclough 3 minute read comments

Imagery has many uses not just in sport, but pretty much any occupation where motor (learnt) skills need to be performed to a high standard […]


Tiger Woods – can personality explain his behaviour?

Posted 6 years ago Anne Kennedy 5 minute read comment

Within Psychology personality refers to “psychological qualities that contribute to an individual’s enduring and distinctive patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving”. This psychohistory of […]


What does the future hold for Rory McIlroy: Hero or Zero?

Posted 6 years ago Spencer Vickery 3 minute read comments

For all of his greatness, I have always had my reservations about Rory McIlroy. He undoubtedly has spectacular golfing abilities and to have achieved […]

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