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Goals out of sport: facilitating the retirement process

Posted 2 years ago Zoe Taylor 2 minute read comments

“I am feeling lost and with no direction, no purpose, no career, no identity and who the hell do I go to?” and “How […]


Maintaining Motivation for Exercise: New Year, New You?

Posted 4 years ago Sarah Griffiths 4 minute read comments

Now 2016 is fully upon us, many of us will have noticed an increase in the amount of people in your local gym. A […]


Goal setting: the key to lifestyle management

Posted 4 years ago Elizabeth Egan 3 minute read comment

Goal setting is very important in sport. That is undeniable! Over time, athletes become very good at setting goals for training and competition, and […]


Set SMARTER goals to help improve your golf!

Posted 4 years ago Scott Hassall 2 minute read comments

As the new season draws ever closer there will be thousands of golfers hitting the range in a quest to have their game in […]


Are you mentally tough enough to become a US navy SEAL?

Posted 5 years ago Katie Nichols 4 minute read comment

Advancing and optimising performance in military training has been of great interest to sport psychologists over the years. Performance enhancement is the deliberate refinement […]


The process of achieving your goals: Committed action

Posted 5 years ago Mitch Plemmons 3 minute read comments

Often, we make the excuse that if we were “motivated enough” to go to the gym to lift weights, shoot extra free throws after […]


Personality in sport: Everyone is different

Posted 5 years ago Ben Sheath 3 minute read comment

Personality is difficult to define due to its complex nature; however one definition in the literature is ‘the characterisation of individual differences’ (Wiggins, 1996). […]


Reflection and goal setting

Posted 6 years ago Gobinder Gill 1 minute read comment

Performance can be broken down into many different aspects. These aspects are psychological, technical, physical, and nutritional. Performers alongside their coaches need to be mindful […]


Maintaining motivation throughout injury

Posted 6 years ago Amy Rew 2 minute read comments

Unfortunately in competitive sporting environments, injuries are likely to occur. As a basketball player, despite strength and conditioning training, knee and ankle injuries are […]


How long until exercise becomes a habit?

Posted 6 years ago Helen O' Connor 3 minute read comment

I do a lot of work in health behaviour change in the NHS and one of the main goals for my clients is to […]


Goal setting in sport

Posted 6 years ago Chris Knight 3 minute read comments

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there.” The words of baseball legend Yogi Berra might be carrying particular resonance […]


Goal Setting

Posted 6 years ago David Harrison 2 minute read comments

‘My idea of paradise is a straight line to a goal’– Friedrich Nietzsche Every successful person whether that be an artist, sports person or […]

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