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Superstitions in Sport

Posted 4 years ago Lauren Onojaife 2 minute read comments

Superstitious rituals are defined as unusual, repetitive, rigid behaviour that is perceived to have a positive effect by the actor, whereas in reality there […]


Mental toughness in cricket

Posted 4 years ago Matthew Nield 2 minute read comments

With the Cricket World Cup fast approaching it seems a good time to look into the psychological aspects the game. With such a focus […]


Kevin Pietersen: The Importance of team cohesion

Posted 5 years ago Lauren Onojaife 2 minute read comment

Ex-England cricket batsman Kevin Pietersen (KP) is in the limelight again as Paul Downton, the managing director of the England and Wales Cricket Board […]


Would cricketers benefit from visual information training?

Posted 5 years ago Katie Nichols 3 minute read comment

To control a successful catching action it is essential cricketers obtain relevant information about the environment. The catcher must predict the direction in which […]


Depression in elite sport

Posted 5 years ago Sophie Walton 2 minute read comments

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses worldwide and in recent years the affirmation of depression has increased within the elite athlete […]


Transformational leadership: Darren Lehmann helps transform ‘no hopers’ into Ashes winners

Posted 5 years ago Chris Knight 3 minute read comments

The turnaround in fortunes of the Australian cricket team has been a remarkable story as Darren Lehmann’s men went from perennial losers to Ashes […]


Cricket: The batting mindset

Posted 6 years ago Hannah Newman 4 minute read comments

You begin your journey from the pavilion to the middle. Maybe you’re a club cricketer, you’ve been waiting all week to play your favourite […]

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