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How to Win and Keep on Winning

Posted 5 years ago Ryan Mallett 2 minute read comments

We are a society driven on ‘winning’, thirsty to attain a professional level status in our given sport and be praised as Demi-Gods by […]


Perfectionism and burnout

Posted 5 years ago Mark Brodie 3 minute read comments

How do athletes become elite players in their chosen sport? Is it their innate talent or do they train every hour of every day […]


Motivating players through anchoring

Posted 5 years ago Ray Power 3 minute read comments

We all have certain ‘anchors’ in life. We all have that particular sound, smell, taste etc. that takes us back to a certain place […]


Applying positivity in sport

Posted 5 years ago Leah Moore 3 minute read comment

Positivism is a framework in psychology that encompasses positive emotions in a re-evaluation of strengths and weaknesses. Researchers such as Eid and Larson (2008), […]


Parental Involvement in Sport

Posted 5 years ago BelievePerform 2 minute read comment

As a football coach you are always looking at ways to improve the performance of your players and maintain the highest level of coaching. […]


Youth Sport: is it all about enjoyment? A developmental perspective

Posted 5 years ago Mary Quinton 1 minute read comments

It has often been said that the most important thing children gain from sport is enjoyment. However, youth sport additionally plays a huge role […]


The psychology of the pre-patch possession warm-up

Posted 5 years ago Ray Power 4 minute read comment

I had never really given much thought to football warm-ups. The process I believed was quite simple. After you have sent the goalkeeper with […]

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