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Steve McClaren: Creating the Environment

Posted 6 years ago BelievePerform 0 minute read comments

What is the purpose of training?

Posted 6 years ago Adam Kelly 2 minute read comment

Answering this question will provide direction for every coach and sport psychologist. For me this is simple: to improve the athlete’s technique, skills, tactics […]


Coach, The transformational leader

Posted 6 years ago Victor Satei 1 minute read comment

The Transformational Leader is someone who inspires others to go further than what they are capable of. A good coach is able to help […]


Positive coaching, coping and disengagement

Posted 6 years ago Robbie George 3 minute read comments

Positive Coaching, Coping and Disengagement ‘The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.’ Vince Lombardi The quote above […]


Team cohesion

Posted 6 years ago Gavin Teehan 2 minute read comments

Coaches often talk about teams needing time to “gel” in order to perform at their maximum potential. What exactly does this mean? It has […]


Practice Better Than You Compete?

Posted 6 years ago Erica Beachy 3 minute read comments

One common issue that athletes seek sport psychology services for is to learn how to perform in a competition as well as they do […]


How Important Is an Understanding of Decision Making to a Sport Psychologist Interested In Using it in Their Work With Athletes?

Posted 6 years ago Thomas Buck 5 minute read comment

Decision making in sport has been a well investigated topic area in Sport Psychology, and it is one that is constantly developing and becoming more […]


Debriefing in sport

Posted 6 years ago BelievePerform 2 minute read comment

In applied sport psychology debriefing is an area which has yet to be examined (Hogg, 2002).  Most research relating to debriefing has focused on performance evaluationwhich has been […]


Coaching Effectiveness

Posted 6 years ago Erica Beachy 2 minute read comment

As a committed and passionate coach, you probably care deeply about the success of your team.  But how do you define “success” for your […]


Mindset – The fundamental ingredient to success

Posted 6 years ago BelievePerform 3 minute read comments

Why is it that some player’s who are labeled as being “less talented” become more successful than their “more talented” peers? This question has […]


The influence of parents in youth sport

Posted 6 years ago Mary Quinton 2 minute read comments

We’ve all seen that one parent on the sideline, shouting out inappropriate comments at the top of their voice that are not only directed […]


Injury and confidence

Posted 6 years ago James Bedford 3 minute read comments

With Injury comes a loss of confidence (Doran, 1984). Whilst low confidence can be a result of injury, it can also cause injury e.g. […]


Stress in elite sports

Posted 6 years ago Andrew Wood 3 minute read comment

At the present time I am a Masters student studying Sport and Exercise Psychology and therefore I have had very little experience in delivering […]


Improve your pre-game mental preparation

Posted 6 years ago Liam Blackwell 2 minute read comments

In almost every sport the top level performers are all similar in their level of ability, for example they all have similar attributes of […]


Stress in sport

Posted 6 years ago Mark Robinson 3 minute read comments

Stress has been identified as crucial in sport, influencing performance as well as social functioning (Jones & Hardy, 1990). Increased anxiety and burn-out are […]


Imagery in sport: Elite athlete examples and the PETTLEP model

Posted 6 years ago Mary Quinton 3 minute read comments

Imagery has been described as “an experience that mimics real experience, and involves using a combination of different sensory modalities in the absence of […]


Rethinking the pregame speech

Posted 6 years ago Dave Hurley 2 minute read comment

I was recently re-reading Terry Orlick’s In Pursuit of Excellence, and in the chapter on Coaching Relationships, Orlick was discussing coaching communication and wrote that […]


Deliberate Practice

Posted 6 years ago Tom Saville 3 minute read comments

Anders Ericsson carried out extensive research on what it takes to become an expert. Ericsson (1993) says that it takes 10,000 hours (20 hours for […]


Motivating players that are nervous or scared

Posted 6 years ago Ray Power 3 minute read comments

How we try to motivate our players is often misunderstood, in particular prior to playing in a game. Most coaches spend years searching for […]


Practice or play in sport: What is best for creating champions?

Posted 6 years ago Spencer Vickery 4 minute read comments

In sports coaching, play and practice are said to be two of the key variables that influence skill acquisition. However knowing what is the […]

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