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ACT your way to controlling anxiety

Posted 4 months ago Stephen Renwick 2 minute read comments

Anxiety is part and parcel of performing in sport for a majority of athletes and being able to manage your anxiety can really help […]


‘Negative thoughts and feeling tense’ A footballer’s psychological response

Posted 7 months ago Kieran Handson 3 minute read comments

How can anxiety affect performance? There are many theories and models that explain anxiety in a sporting performance, an early theory implied was the […]


Mindfulness: Improving Sports Performance & Reducing Sport Anxiety

Posted 3 years ago Crystal Chariton 2 minute read comment

Athletes spend much of their time mentally and physically preparing for athletic competitions in hopes of improving playing performances. However, many athletes are inconsistent […]


Professional Pressure – Football and Mental Health

Posted 4 years ago Tracy Donachie 3 minute read comments

Football has been described as “more than just a game” (Jones, 1995). As a result, footballers are experiencing psychological distress despite achieving great sporting […]


Becoming a more confident performer

Posted 4 years ago Chris Lynch 4 minute read comment

Its the week of the big game, exam or even a job interview, you start to feel ‘butterflies’ in your stomach, you start to […]


What is a Panic Attack?

Posted 4 years ago Catherine Robertson 1 minute read comments

Given the high demands of life in our fast moving society, we are all vulnerable to experiencing feelings of both stress and anxiety. Feelings […]


What is Anxiety?

Posted 4 years ago Catherine Robertson 2 minute read comments

Anxiety is both a psychological and physiological phenomenon. Anxiety is related to emotions such as fear, and negative thoughts such as not being able […]


Are athletes being given enough mental health support?

Posted 4 years ago BelievePerform 2 minute read comment

In sport we often assume that elite athletes are super human. We watch the likes of Ronaldo, Jessica Ennis and Andy Murray all perform […]


Anxiety in golf

Posted 4 years ago Matthew Cheesbrough 4 minute read comments

Anxiety is an unpleasant motivational state (Lundqvist et al. 2011) comprising of cognitive (worrying thoughts) and somatic (oneself perception of physiological arousal) anxiety (Englert […]


Exercise as treatment for anxiety and depression

Posted 4 years ago Catherine Robertson 2 minute read comments

1 in 4 of us will suffer with poor mental health at some point in our lives. Anxiety can affect around 16% of the […]


Identify your fear of re-injury and overcome it!

Posted 5 years ago Leah Moore 3 minute read comment

Unfortunately injury is a common threat when it comes to both elite and non-elite sport. How we cope with it may determine our path […]


Born to be number one, or is second actually the best?

Posted 5 years ago Sarah Griffiths 2 minute read comment

There are many theories surrounding the development of personality. The Biological Approach to personality suggests that genetics are responsible, with a well researched link […]


A Guide to Controlling Competition Anxiety

Posted 5 years ago Catherine Robertson 3 minute read comments

Anxiety is a state consisting of psychological and physical symptoms brought about by a sense of apprehension of a perceived threat. However, levels of […]


Would you encourage your children into the world of competitive athletics?

Posted 6 years ago Sarah Griffiths 3 minute read comment

Not so long ago I was asked by a friend of mine, who is an athlete as well as me and has been for […]


Why are some players afraid to shoot?

Posted 6 years ago Amy Rew 2 minute read comments

Sports, such as basketball, require individuals to shoot under pressure, and under the observation of others, such as co-actors (other performers), an audience, or […]


Developing helpful and useful beliefs in sport: The theory of Cell Assembly

Posted 6 years ago Spencer Vickery 3 minute read comments

Cell assembly theory developed by Donald Hebb (1949) explains how within the brain we develop neural pathways that act like roads, these are formed […]


‘So What’s Next?’ – Life After Professional Sport

Posted 6 years ago BelievePerform 3 minute read comment

Retirement – the reality! For many years, sport psychologists have referred to retirement from sport as a ‘transition’. However, Nesti and Littlewood (2010) argue […]


Emotional thermometer – Controlling competition anxiety

Posted 6 years ago Catherine Robertson 2 minute read comments

Competition anxiety will affect all of us, although the extent to which it strikes varies from athlete to athlete. We are often told “it’s […]


The importance of perspective in sport

Posted 6 years ago Spencer Vickery 3 minute read comments

More and more factors such as anxiety, depression, anger, worry, and frustration just to name a few are becoming the norm in not just […]


The power of superstitions and rituals in sport

Posted 6 years ago Liam Blackwell 2 minute read comments

We’ve all seen or heard of elite sports people performing ritual movements before competitions, from a 100m runner blessing themselves before a race, to […]

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