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Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Part 2): Challenging negative thoughts

The second part of the introduction to CBT series to help you challenge negative thoughts

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What you'll learn

How to identify thinking errors

How to start challenging negative thoughts

How to develop balanced rational responses

Questions to ask yourself to challenge unhelpful thoughts

How negative thoughts impact behaviours and feelings


Throughout the day we all experience hundreds if not thousands of thoughts. Some of these thoughts can be positive, helpful and useful to performance and at other times they can negative, unhelpful and detrimental to our wellbeing and mental health. For some of us when we experience negative thoughts we tend to believe the first thought that comes into our mind. These thoughts can spiral out of control, cause us to catastrophise and lead to negative emotions.

To build positive mental health it is important that we have the right skills in place to be able to challenge negative thoughts and develop more positive and rational responses. By developing this coping skill not only will we become more aware of how our thoughts impact our behaviours and feelings but we will also feel more confident in dealing with stressful and high pressured situations.

Within this training plan we will help you to explore the relationship between your negative thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physiology. We will introduce you to a step by step guide of how you can start putting into place some building blocks to challenge negative thoughts.


Course Content

Course Materials

Course content

1 Lecture

Welcome to your training plan


1 Lecture

Introducing your training plan


1 Lecture

Recap of CBT


Thinking errors
1 Lecture

Identifying thinking errors


Challenging negative thoughts
3 Lectures

How we challenge negative thoughts


Step 1


Step 2


1 Lecture

Review slide


Course materials

5 files

  • 09 common thinking errors
  • Challenging negative thoughts
  • Thought Challenging (First step)
  • Thought Challenging (second step)
  • Thought Diary


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