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Getting ready for your school day during lockdown

Learn how to get back into your rhythm of working with our short online training plan

What you'll learn

How to maintain your motivation

What to do if you are struggling to get work done

How to schedule your school day

How to get ready for your school day

How to develop your home school work environment


For many student across the world the current conditions have brought a sense of disruption to there daily school routines. Remote learning from home brings about numerous challenges for students including accessing online lessons, completing homework and connecting with teachers on a regular basis.

To support students and teachers we have developed a short online training plan to help students learn about what steps and things they can put in place which will help them effectively get ready for their school day. Within the training plan we have explored the following areas

  • Strategies to help students set up their work environment,
  • Important steps students can take to help them get in the right working mindset,
  • How students can maintain motivation and
  • How students can organise and structure their day to achieve their goals.

Course Content

Course Materials

Course content

1 Lecture



Preparing for your day
1 Lecture

Getting ready


The environment
1 Lecture

My home work environment


Structuring your day
1 Lecture

Planning my day


Staying motivated
1 Lecture

Maintaining motivation


Struggling with work
1 Lecture

How to help yourself



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