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Getting Mental Health on your Training Plan

A training plan designed to support athletes to incorporate mental health training into their weekly routine

What you'll learn

How to improve your sleep hygiene

How to use mindful breathing

How to engage in mindfulness activities

How to start building your mental health support network


For many athletes they invest most of their sporting career working on developing and improving their physical, technical, tactical and psychological skills. They spend hours in the gym and on the training pitch becoming more skilled, faster, stronger and better performers. One area which is often neglected within the world of sport is the mental health of athletes. Elite sport can be a harsh environment which brings with it a number of stressors and pressures which can negatively influence an athletes wellbeing. From retirement to overtraining, injury to burnout there are numerous factors which can increase an athletes vulnerability to mental health problems.

This training plan takes a proactive approach to mental health. It provides athletes with a basic understanding on different techniques they can apply throughout their week to contribute to building positive mental health.

Course Content

Course Materials

Course content

1 Lecture

Welcome to your training plan


1 Lecture

Introducing your training plan


Mental health training plan
1 Lecture

Learning about a mental health training plan


Physical, social, psychological
3 Lectures

Working on your mental health


Identifying your skills


Reviewing your week


The physical side
1 Lecture

Sleep hygiene


The psychological side
3 Lectures

Using your senses


Being mindful with activities


Mindful breathing


The social side
3 Lectures

Building positive relationships


Developing connectedness


Reviewing your week


1 Lecture

Review slide


Course materials

8 files

  • Choose an activity to do mindfully
  • Identifying your skills
  • Improving your social support
  • Mindful breathing activity
  • Mindfulness Activity
  • My mental health training plan
  • My sleep habits
  • Sleep tips and advice for students


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