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14 reasons why it’s ok not to feel ok

Our team discuss 14 reasons why it’s ok to not feel ok in our mental health based infographic.

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Emotions – because you can use your emotions to assess how you feel.

Stigma – because it is important to fight against the stigma attached to mental health.

Learning – because by talking openly about your emotions you can learn from your experiences.

Avoiding – because avoiding your emotions could start to negatively impact your performance.

Helping yourself – because by experiencing and sharing your emotions you are helping yourself.

Human – because not feeling okay confirms you are human.

Sadness – because it is okay to be sad at times.

Weakness – because not feeling okay is not a sign of weakness.

Perfection – because it is not always possible to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

Strength – because feeling emotions can make us stronger.

Afraid – because we should not be afraid to admit we are struggling.

Friends/family – because you will help others to realise that it is okay to be open and honest about how they feel.

Improvement – because not feeling okay is one step closer to feeling better.

Embarrassment – because no one should ever be embarrassed or ashamed to talk about their feelings.

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