If you take a look at children, they hop and skip and jump, they run and bounce and roll, they move freely with energy, enjoyment and enthusiasm.  But as we grow older we seem to lose our zest for movement. We begin to see exercise as a chore – we ‘work out’ with a goal of losing weight, running faster or lifting heavier, rather than enjoying exercise for its own sake.

Empowering people to rediscover their love of exercise is critical in motivating lifelong physical activity. Inspirational quotes and self-affirmations are brilliant tools in encouraging enjoyment in exercise. Rather than engaging in physical activity as an arduous mindless habit, these inspirational quotes act as cues-to-decision, helping us to exercise mindfully, to be in the present moment, and to enjoy the activity so we stay motivated to continue.

10 Inspirational exercise quotes:

  • Your body can do anything, it’s just your mind you have to convince.
  • No one has ever given their best and regretted it.
  • My body is worth every ounce of workout I put in.
  • You’ve got a right to show the world how strong you are.
  • Effort is between you and you.
  • The power within me is greater than the challenge in front of me.
  • You cannot control the results only your actions.
  • The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.
  • Movement is a medicine for creating change in your physical, mental and emotional states.
  • Give up on being perfect and begin the journey to become yourself.