Another September is upon on us and for most athletes that means it is time to head back to school. Last month I had discussed the importance of confidence keys and understanding the fact that you are more than an athlete. Therefore I think it is important to discuss getting back in the routine for achievement academically and managing your athletic endeavors.

From some of my work with athletes I find that most individuals struggle with their perception of academics. In order to achieve excellence on the academic side our mindset of negativity must be turned to one of positivity and structured for achievement. So where does this structure come from?

Our structure and motivation comes from our goal setting. Just like in athletics make an effort to write down your goals for 2 months, 5 months, 1 year and 5 years. From here start taking a look at the process to achieve those goals in sport and in your school activities.

Keep in mind, just like in athletics, academics share that fact that we all have different routes to success. As an individual you may need extra work in a certain class compared to your friend who does not. Don’t get so outcome orientated (comparing yourself to others) that you forget the process towards success for your journey. Manage your time and fit in the extra time needed for success.

Time management may be one aspect of preparation that is often overlooked in importance when it comes to player development. There is nothing wrong with setting a plan for your day in order to achieve excellence. Some of the aspects I use with athletes are as follows:

Daily Preparation sheet
Night Before
Activity: Bedtime:

My Wake Up Time Is:
My Wake Up Plan Is (Shower, Workout, Stretch Etc):

Morning Activity:
School/Work to Do:

Afternoon Activity:
School/Work to Do:
Athletic Focus:
Evening Activity:
School/Work to Do:
Athletic Focus:

Daily Evaluation:
Evaluating my performance, I will continue:
I will work to improve:
Here is how I can Work on This in Practice and Games:
Reflecting on my preparation, I would maintain and/or adjust the Following:

Keep in mind when you make that everyday commitment to your athletics try to do so in you academics as well because the aspects you learn in an everyday commitment will prove beneficial now and in the future.

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