Focus, consistency of performance, concentration and overall an ability to succeed is always at the forefront of athlete, team or business development. However is there a way we can truly track these intangible aspects of performing? I’d would like to say we can in allowing the athlete to develop self-awareness in their efficiency. Elaborating on efficiency we must discuss with athletes key points in technical/tactical effectiveness, strength & conditioning/nutrition & sleep. Finally athletes and organizations must establish efficiency points in mental aspects.

On the other side, in establishing efficiency from a business point of view ranking main themes could include monetary (sales), employee inputs (new business or strategy) and leadership traits. Sub efficiency themes in leadership could include communication, problem solving and perseverance.

If we were to use the efficiency foundation for focus, consistency of performance and concentration for a hockey team, we would break the team into subgroups of defense, forwards and goalies. 10 key sub themes would be used to rank themselves out of 10. Themes used would be offensive play, defensive play, neutral zone play (technical/tactical), strength/conditioning and nutrition. Key mental efficiency sub themes would include confidence, preparation skills, emotional control, perseverance and decision making.

The key to developing high performance for individuals and organizations is to give perspective to raw numbers as over time they develop a story and allow for the development of awareness in performance. This allows our goal to be one of task focused and develop motives (choices) for individuals involved.

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