Psychology is undoubtably a fascinating area that has many characteristics which can enpower people in both thought and emotion. Examples of extreme psychology can emanate from happiness, excitement and joy to fear, sadness and depression. Therefore, positive and negative aspects of psychology are world’s apart in extremity. Aruably, these extreme emotions occur less often than our normal and natural everyday life scenario’s.

The purpose of this blog is two-fold and relates to practices emanting to both extreme scenario’s and everyday life situations.

The key to understanding key defining moments (whether positive or negative) is developing a sense of awareness. Self-awareness is an important aspect that should be enhanced through life experiences. For example, most people should recall both their immediate thoughts and emotions following a positive (birth of a child) and negative (death) scenario(s). Arguably, these life changing situations could lead to a different perspective for one.

During everyday regular life situations (e.g. working in an office, preparing lessons, driving to work, meeting relatives, shopping etc) people will go through thought and emotion. The main difference is that we may forget how we felt because of low impact. However, to build self-awareness it is recommended that we self-reflect on our day and working week.

Self-reflection is a process that can enable us to enhance our self-awareness. Through self-reflection our own psychological mind can be balanced. Regular practice of self-relflection can lead to our self-awareness levels to be enhanced. It can also support people during moments of extreme positive or negative thought and emotion as identfied above.

Some other practices of developing and maintaining a psychological balance relate to:

1) Regular goal setting

2) Taking regular breaks from work

3) Exercise

4) Taking up a different hobby (e.g. gardening)

5) Listen to music

6) Talking to others

7) Smiling and laughing more

Whilst the above is not a definitive list, it does relates to key strategies that have been useful for many people.