Performers can use the following 10 steps to success when preparing for sport.

Step 1 – Attitude – develop your attitude and become positive in outlook

Step 2 – Set process goals – to help you reach your end goal

Step 3 – Know your opponent(s) – know their strengths and areas to improve

Step 4 – Mental toughness – prepare mentally for each game (and training session) to develop focus and direction

Step 5 – Inspire – make sure that you are inspirational and inspire those around you at all times

Step 6 – Dedication – be ready to make the extra sacrifice needed to be successful

Step 7 – Concentration – be focused throughout

Step 8 – Confidence – portray confidence to your team mates and make the opponents see that you are confident. Use positive body language throughout

Step 9 – Cope with demands – relish the demands placed on you

Step 10 – Enjoy – make sure that you enjoy what you do at all times