Holiday & Food Programme

We have developed an online resources which supports the mental fitness and wellbeing of students that can be used as part of  the holiday and food programme (HAF)
To build positive mental health and resilience we believe that students and staff must be equipped with practical tools and resources that encourage behaviour change and the active use of coping skills
We use the power of visuals, education and learning to encourage people to adopt a proactive attitude towards looking after their mental health
Our hybrid programme includes delivery for staff and access to an online curriculum of applied and practical resources for learners.  Resources are catered towards the needs of students and have been developed in an engaging and accessible manner so that learning, development and growth is prioritised.
Resources that can be used as part of enrichment activities to support delivery of the HAF programme
Sustainability and impact are at the core of what we do and therefore it is important for us that we are connecting learners with resources.

The Core Model

As part of the programme we have developed a core resilience and life skills model that all learners and teachers will work towards


Healthy Body

Supporting learners to build strong physical foundation habits – sleep, energy management, food choices & exercise


Healthy Mind

Supporting students to implement daily habits and behaviours that build mental fitness


Healthy Relationships

Helping students to build and manage relationships within their world


Healthy Emotions

Encouraging learners to feel more aware and in control of their emotions


Healthy Habits



Healthy Performance

Development of performance readiness to help learners perform better and more consistently

How the programme works

Step 1

Educational institute choose which key stage they would like to focus on

Step 2

Face to face or online delivery so staff feel confident in delivering life skills programme

Step 3

Educational institute are provided with access to online content and resources

Step 4

Staff feel confident in delivering life skills programme to students throughout the programme


Mental Fitness

Increased student confidence around how to build mental fitness habits

Physical health

Increased understanding of factors that contribute to positive physical health


Higher level of student engagement with mental fitness topics which aides motivation


Students feel more ready to perform to cope with the demands of their environment


Utilisation of visual based learning to improve processing, memory and critical thinking skills




Staff feeling confident to support the mental fitness of students


A structured skill based curriculum for teachers to follow


Ready made engaging, practical and applied resources

What’s included


Access to 900+ infographics, online courses and downloadable worksheets

The programme

Access to 30 hours of engaging & practical lessons for learners


Up to 3 days of coaching for staff


Monitoring of behavioural progress for staff & students