The Transformational Leader is someone who inspires others to go further than what they are capable of. A good coach is able to help others reach beyond expectations. In modern football, whether it be young athletes or adults, managing a group of players is becoming more difficult. A coach, or transformational leader, is someone who finds ways to help their team (this includes staff) be full of confidence, strength and happiness. When the coach/leader is doing well to inspire his/her team, the level of commitment remains high throughout the group.

A good coach gives players responsibility, and then expects his/her players to fulfill the role. If you expect your players to fail, well, you can expect your players to fail.

Clarity is key, be clear and precise when giving your players a task/objective. Make sure they are aware of the desired result and then allow them the freedom to perform the task. Players will most often feel a sense of liberation and empowerment when they know that their coach has entrusted them fully and they’ve been given the freedom to reach their goal.

Stay calm, be cool, and don’t ever let them know how you really feel. Psychologically the coach sets the tone, often if you are nervous so are they. It is extremely necessary for the coach to portray a positive attitude no matter what the external situation may actually be. You must stay in total control of your actions, words and emotions.

Imagine now, you are at work, you see the boss and he is pacing back and forth behind your desk while you are trying to complete a certain task. Every once in a while he peeks over at your computer screen to make sure you are getting the job done as he expects. What do you feel? Is your mind clear and focused on the task at hand? Do you feel that your boss is confident in the work you do? Or are you worried, nervous, uncertain, and wishing he wasn’t around? Most of us would not last very long in a job where our boss showed no faith in us.

As a coach you should be thriving to become a transformational leader, you will have to put faith in others and be able to express high levels of positive expectations. Show confidence in your players and you will liberate them to reach their full potential.