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The Influence of Sleep on Performance

Sleep is an integral part of what makes humans function (Harris et al., 2015). It is a common need that, if neglected, has the […]

Written by Michael Mellinger 2 minute read

The Psychology of Injury: The curious case of Daniel Sturridge

After failing to score for the fifth game running, pundits, journalists and fans alike are trying to pinpoint why Daniel Sturridge is struggling to […]

Written by Ben Cochrane 3 minute read

Directing Attentional Focus during Resistance Training

The focus of attention is influential in how well athletes learn sport-related and movement skills (movement efficiency, such as force production, speed, and endurance) […]

Written by Crystal Chariton 2 minute read

Role of Sport Psychology in a Physical Therapy Setting

The medical field has recognized the importance of physical therapy in regards to injury recovery for many years. Specific exercise plans are carefully designed […]

Written by Diane Gorog 2 minute read

Keeping up with the Ketones!

In achieving optimal body composition for either aesthetic and/or performance purposes, we often cut calories and more specifically alter quantities of particular food groups […]

Written by Aine Brislane 3 minute read

Exercise and Sleep: a Double-Edged Sword?

Participation in regular exercise has been hailed as an effective intervention for promoting sleep, often promoted as a treatment for sleep-related disorders. Research associates […]

Written by Juliette Norman 2 minute read

Clean Protocol – changing athletes’ attitudes towards doping

The first most notable use of drugs in sport was during the 1904 Olympics where a marathon runner took strychnine, a type of poison […]

Written by Scott Findlay 4 minute read

Being an elite athlete boosts my sex drive

From youth into advanced age, sexuality continues to be a key quality of life issue. A satisfying sex life is a critical element of […]

Written by Tim Lathlean 3 minute read

Can psychological measures be used to predict injury?

It is accepted that throughout an athlete’s career they will encounter injury setbacks. But it does appear, at least anecdotally, that some athletes experience […]

Written by Frederick Dawes 2 minute read

Case Studies in Sport Science and Medicine

          Practitioners, athletes, students and anyone interested in sport should find the content of these case studies relevant and useful; […]

Written by Professor Andy Lane 0 minute read

EEG and alpha waves in sport

Sports psychology is the measurement of mental and behavioural components that can impact on performance (Singer et al, 1993). However, sports scientists and coaches […]

Written by David Faulkner 3 minute read

ACL injury in elite female footballers: Psychological risks successful transition

Research within sport psychology highlights and emphasises the potentially stressful nature of sports participation (e.g., Fletcher, Hanton & Mellalieu, 2006; Fletcher, Hanton Mellalieu & […]

Written by Chris Lynch 3 minute read

Hydration and cognition: Drinking to stay alert

Athlete preparation is a hugely diverse area with many different factors contributing to producing the best possible performance on any given occasion. It is […]

Written by Ben Sheath 2 minute read

Stretching: When is it effective?

Stretching has long been standard practice in sport. Advocates of stretching claim that it helps reduce injury, improve performance, and aid recovery. However, a […]

Written by Juliano Pereira 4 minute read

Drug use in athletics: How can we trust the sport?

We’ve reached the end of another successful European Athletics Championships, this year held in a warm and rainy Zurich, Switzerland. Many athletes have competed […]

Written by Sarah Griffiths 4 minute read

What limits endurance exercise performance?

As an Australian, one of the most memorable moments of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games was the final of the women’s eights rowing ( […]

Written by Mitchell Smith 2 minute read

The effects of heat on sport performance

Heat stress from the environment can be detrimental to sporting performance, challenging the limits of the human cardiovascular system, temperature regulation and altering body […]

Written by Sarah Griffiths 3 minute read

Cognition and hydration in warmer climates

The human body constitutes approximately 60% water which is a key component of every cell contained within it. Hydration is key to keeping performance […]

Written by Dannielle Starkie 2 minute read

Brazil 2014: How important is hydration for athletes at Brazil 2014?

Playing at the World cup is undoubtedly a huge highlight within a footballer’s career. With the title being one of the most prestigious within […]

Written by Chloe Doble 2 minute read

Psychology of pain

Pain is inevitable in sport. The ability to push through pain can lead to championship titles, whilst persisting pain can be career destroying. As […]

Written by Hannah Fernando 3 minute read