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Food For Thought – Sports Psychology and Nutrition

We all know that nutrition helps the body complete the tasks we set for it, but does it also influence cognitive and psychological systems? […]

Written by Niklas Cederström 4 minute read

Orthorexia: bridging the gap

Orthorexia is becoming increasingly well known across many individuals, within the media and by researchers. This relatively new identified eating disorder just may be […]

Written by Sarah Griffiths 2 minute read

Keeping up with the Ketones!

In achieving optimal body composition for either aesthetic and/or performance purposes, we often cut calories and more specifically alter quantities of particular food groups […]

Written by Aine Brislane 3 minute read

Low-Carbohydrate High-Fat: Part 1 – Introduction

Weight loss is a major concern in most developed countries. With surveys showing that the majority of adults in the US are trying to […]

Written by Scott Findlay 2 minute read

Considering beta-alanine supplementation?

Carnosine is a substance found in high concentrations in skeletal muscle. It is formed by the bonding of histadine and beta-alanine (Derave et al. […]

Written by Jack Matthews 4 minute read

Case Studies in Sport Science and Medicine

          Practitioners, athletes, students and anyone interested in sport should find the content of these case studies relevant and useful; […]

Written by Professor Andy Lane 0 minute read

Creatine: The bulk of the story

Creatine – The ‘Bulk’ of the story Is it fortunate or unfortunate we are to have an array of supplements and training aids available […]

Written by Aine Brislane 2 minute read

Pre-competition nutrition for elite marathon runners

The Marathon is a 26 mile 385 yard long-distance running event and one of the ultimate challenges in sport. Endurance events that require extreme […]

Written by Joe Wingfield 2 minute read

Hydration and cognition: Drinking to stay alert

Athlete preparation is a hugely diverse area with many different factors contributing to producing the best possible performance on any given occasion. It is […]

Written by Ben Sheath 2 minute read

The psychology of food choice

I can only assume that with the abundance of information that is at our fingertips today, we are quite aware of what is good […]

Written by Aine Brislane 3 minute read

The Paleo perspective

What’s it all About? Humans evolved during the Paleolithic era between 2.6million and 100,000 years ago and in accordance with Pritchard (2010), the changes […]

Written by Aine Brislane 4 minute read

Antioxidants: Help or Hindrance

Take a trip to any food retail store, find yourself in the health section and you are immediately struck by the vast quantity of […]

Written by Aine Brislane 4 minute read

Hydration and endurance performance: Debunking the myths

The topic of hydration still appears to be confusing for those who are looking for advice. A quick search on online and you will […]

Written by Mark Windsor 2 minute read

How does alcohol, caffeine and hyper hydration affect Sleep?

Alcohol Drinking alcohol before sleep can be viewed as having both a positive and negative influence on sleep. Most research suggests that consumption of […]

Written by BelievePerform 2 minute read

James Collins: How do you help motivate athletes to stay to their diet?

James Collins: How important is the right diet for a persons mind?