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Are athletes being given enough mental health support?

In sport we often assume that elite athletes are super human. We watch the likes of Ronaldo, Jessica Ennis and Andy Murray all perform […]

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Do you need to be properly qualified to work within Sport Psychology?

Before you start reading this article we have a few questions that we would like you to think about. If you felt ill would […]

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The media and body image

Recently in the media there was a campaign which was advertised by Protein World called “Are you beach body ready?”. Within this advert which […]

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A Masterclass workshop in Applied Sport Psychology

We are delighted to promote Dr Brian Hemming’s Applied Sport Psychology Workshop. A Masterclass in Applied Sport Psychology  ‘Being creative in your practice: Using […]

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What can we learn from international football players?

“We must cut number of foreign players to find more English talent”–Greg Dyke FA Chairman Over the last few years there have been a […]

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Football managers touchline behaviour

Recently the BBC reported that Alan Pardew, manger of Newcastle United Football Club was seeking help from a sport psychologist as a result of his […]

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BPS QSEP: Key Roles and Assignments

In my last article on BPS QSEP, the qualification taken by masters graduates to obtain chartered status as a Sport and Exercise Psychologist, I […]

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Professor Greg Whyte: What advice would you give to someone who wants to becoming a Sport Psychologist?

Why coping with the media is essential for any ‘wonderkid’.

In recent times sport and especially football has seen a flurry of young sporting ‘wonderkids’ being shot into the media spotlight.  With Real Madrid’s […]

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Denise Lewis: What qualities make Jessica Ennis such a successful athlete?

Are pushy parents needed to develop elite athletes?

When listening to interviews with Tiger Woods, you will always here him comment positively about his Father’s influence in his development as a golfer. […]

Written by David Faulkner 3 minute read

How strong are you? Mental and physical endurance in sport

“The mind’ll quit a lot sooner than the body will.” I had a coach a few years ago that would tell us this as […]

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The lack of female football coaches: What can we do about it?

Who would have thought that, in a sport with the participation of over 60 million girls and women worldwide, somehow women coaches are still […]

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BPS QSEP Step 1: Finding a Supervisor and Placement

I’d just like to start by saying: If you think you’ll come straight out of uni and get a placement at a premier league […]

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Have Manchester United lost the fear factor? A psychological perspective

It has been well documented the struggles of Manchester United since Sir Alex Ferguson departed well over a year ago. Many argued that David […]

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Brain Training: Improving performance from your lounge room.

Imagine you’re an athlete of the future. It’s your rest day, but you schedule a specialised brain training session that gives you the edge […]

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Team resilience and it’s role in the Rugby World Cup

The term ‘mental toughness’ is probably the most used psychological term used by pundits, writers, journalists, coaches and athletes alike. Yet the definition of […]

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Social media and athlete psychological wellbeing

Since the birth of Twitter, the social media world has catapulted into something only once imaginable. The impact Twitter has had on the sports […]

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The Ryder Cup: Putting The I Back Into Team

Since 1927, when America sent over 12 golfers to take part in the first ever Ryder Cup, the golfing landscape has never been the […]

Written by Mark Brodie 3 minute read

Emotional Intelligence: Where the Ryder Cup 2014 Could be Won or Lost

Underneath all the glitz and glamour of the Ryder Cup at Glen Eagles this week lies a serious competition for every member of team […]

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