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Coach power in sport

Within our society, youth sport participation is continually growing and recent figures have shown that 90% of American children participate in at least one […]

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Demonstrating the power of coach suggestion, feedback and self-talk

This is an extraordinary exercise to show fellow coaches and your players the power of mindset and positive thinking. I won’t claim it as […]

Written by Ray Power 1 minute read

Integrating your new transfer window signings (English Professional Football)

The transfer rumour mill is starting to crank up as Premier League and Football League clubs prepare to return for pre-season training in the […]

Written by Sean Ryder 3 minute read

How to become an effective Leader

Within psychology the topic of leadership has been extensively studied over the last hundred years. Leadership is defined as the process by which an […]

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Coach, The transformational leader

The Transformational Leader is someone who inspires others to go further than what they are capable of. A good coach is able to help […]

Written by Victor Satei 1 minute read

How emotional Intelligence can enhance coaching practices

Emotional intelligence is a popular construct associated to business, education, health and more recently sport. There is clear evidence to substantiate that emotional intelligence is […]

Written by Gobinder Gill 2 minute read

The psychology of the pre-patch possession warm-up

I had never really given much thought to football warm-ups. The process I believed was quite simple. After you have sent the goalkeeper with […]

Written by Ray Power 4 minute read