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Pressure Inurement Training: How to Build Resilience Like Our Olympic Athletes

Every 4 years, athletes from across the globe look to make their dreams of becoming an Olympic champion reality. This often rests on one […]

Written by Elliot Sharp 8 minute read

Making Challenge Opportunities for Distinguished Success

Imagine a time of which you had to overcome a significant challenge in your life. It could be a career change, personal loss, or […]

Written by Michael Mellinger 2 minute read

Directing Attentional Focus during Resistance Training

The focus of attention is influential in how well athletes learn sport-related and movement skills (movement efficiency, such as force production, speed, and endurance) […]

Written by Crystal Chariton 2 minute read

Developing a Coaching “Philosophy”

Most coaches that I’ve encountered have what they call a “coaching philosophy” which seems to me a quite broad and unexplained term. It can […]

Written by Niklas Cederström 3 minute read

Motivating athletes: The role of the organisation

“Motivation will almost always beat mere talent” Norman Ralph Augustine Motivation is a key subject for athletes, coaches and sporting organisations. In sport psychology, […]

Written by Ruth Senior 2 minute read

The psychology of managing substitutes

“Teams win games, squads win titles.” (Sir Alex Ferguson) Sir Alex Ferguson’s philosophy paid dividends in the 1999 European Cup Final when Teddy Sheringham […]

Written by Cormac Venney 3 minute read

Defining Leadership

Competitive Will has been fortunate to work with some organizations in the last few months on leadership development. Through team building exercises and workshops […]

Written by Kyle McDonald 2 minute read

Coaching for positive youth development: The right environment

Positive outcomes from sports participation cannot be assumed. This article explores the current evidence from Developmental Psychology on the right environment for positive youth […]

Written by Ruth Senior 3 minute read

Leadership development

The age old question, are leaders born or are they made? I’m sure many have opinions but the question of leadership is not as […]

Written by Kyle McDonald 1 minute read

Coaching Style: Fierce vs Friendly

It has long been said in the media that different coaches have different styles of coaching. The question is, what does this really mean? […]

Written by Ben Sheath 2 minute read

Is an autocratic style of coaching more effective than a democratic one?

We’ve all seen it or heard about it – stories of top football coaches shouting, throwing things all in the name of getting the […]

Written by Richard Fryer 2 minute read

Creating a mastery-oriented performance climate – the role of a coach

Motivational theories assumes an individual as an intentional, goal-directed organism who operates in rational manners (Roberts, Treasure & Conroy, 2007).  An individual participating in […]

Written by Frank Heggebo 3 minute read

The characteristics and development of expert coaches

What is an expert coach? What is the difference between an effective coach and an ineffective coach? If these questions can be answered then […]

Written by David McHugh 2 minute read

What are the effects of having roles and responsibilities in team sport?

What are roles and responsibilities? In order for a team to be successful it is important that players and staff all have set roles […]

Written by Ross Methven 3 minute read

Leadership and the role of a leader in sports

Successful teams have strong leaders and the importance of this role is evident in all categories of sports. The performance of a leader is […]

Written by Sidd Sampla 2 minute read

The leader state

Are you bringing out the best in the people you work with? What leadership skills do you hold? Do you display positive emotions and […]

Written by Tracy Donachie 3 minute read

Transformational leadership: Darren Lehmann helps transform ‘no hopers’ into Ashes winners

The turnaround in fortunes of the Australian cricket team has been a remarkable story as Darren Lehmann’s men went from perennial losers to Ashes […]

Written by Chris Knight 3 minute read

How a Coach’s Pedagogical Philosophy Impacts the Intrinsic Motivation of Athletes

Intrinsic motivation can be defined as “engaging in an activity for itself and for the pleasure and satisfaction derived from participation” (Vallerand, 2004). The […]

Written by Amy Rew 2 minute read

Which is best for high performance team support? Coaching or playing experience?

There are many variables that impact on the success of a team. One variable widely acknowledged is the contribution of a coach or manager. Across […]

Written by Keith Begley 2 minute read

Leadership: are you a Shepherd or a Sheep?

As with many theories in psychology, those on leadership have taken a few twists and turns before they arrived at their current position. Early […]

Written by James Barraclough 4 minute read