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Self efficacy in sport and exercise: Determining effort, persistence and performance

A complex process of self appraisals and self persuasion form the basis of judgements that individuals create with regards to whether they believe they […]

Written by Sarah Griffiths 6 minute read

ACL injury in elite female footballers: Psychological risks successful transition

Research within sport psychology highlights and emphasises the potentially stressful nature of sports participation (e.g., Fletcher, Hanton & Mellalieu, 2006; Fletcher, Hanton Mellalieu & […]

Written by Chris Lynch 3 minute read

Sports confidence theory

Vealey (1986) proposed a sport specific theory of confidence, she defined sport confidence as `the belief or degree of certainty individuals possess about their […]

Written by Sidd Sampla 2 minute read

What is Talent – A Growth Mindset Approach (2/2)

The debate between nature and nurture in sports still exists. In my view the nurture part is more important than the nature part, because […]

Written by Mauro van de Looij 6 minute read

Explaining motivational behaviour patterns

Motivation can be defined as the factors which direct and energise the behaviours of humans and other organisms- the drive behind the reasons we […]

Written by Chloe Doble 2 minute read

Development paths for individual and organizations

Development is always a hot topic. How do leaders develop employees? How do coaches develop athletes? How do teachers develop students? Development is always […]

Written by Kyle McDonald 2 minute read

Concussion: recognition and management

Concussion is an important issue that must be recognised and managed correctly for the health and safety of all those who play sport. In […]

Written by Sheree Bekker 2 minute read

Motivation in sport

Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States, once said that “motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want […]

Written by Valerie Dennehy 3 minute read

Developing an inner drive within players

My players don’t want to be at training”, “They are losing interest”, “There is no motivation in our lot.” From my coaching experiences over […]

Written by Cormac Venney 2 minute read

Should sports coaches receive more education regarding recognising and treating eating disorders in athletes?

Eating disorders and disordered eating behaviour are serious mental conditions “that manifest themselves in a variety of eating and weight-related signs and symptoms” (Thompson […]

Written by Lauren Clarkson 3 minute read

Identifying talent – are we using the right tools?

Identifying talent is one of sports biggest and most profitable issues. There is a constant seek for a new Christiano Ronaldo in the world […]

Written by Frank Heggebo 3 minute read

Brain vs. Brawn: How mental fatigue affects physical performance.

What if I told you that I could influence your exercise performance just by making you read a book or play a computer game? […]

Written by Mitchell Smith 2 minute read

What is talent – A growth mindset approach (1/2)

The nature versus nurture debate is still an ongoing debate concerning athletic expertise. As I have written before I believe athletes are made rather […]

Written by Mauro van de Looij 4 minute read

Importance of the coach-athlete relationship

Sports performance is determined by many factors. According to Serpa (1999), and the trends from the literature, the coach-athlete relationship is an important factor […]

Written by Tracy Donachie 2 minute read

The ACT hexaflex applied to sport

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) (Hayes, Strosahl, & Wilson, 1999) is a treatment approach that views experiential avoidance, inflexible attentional processes and reduced attempts […]

Written by Mitch Plemmons 3 minute read

An introduction to information processing system , memory and its role in sports.

Information processing system focuses on how we deal with the vast amount of information that is available to us when we are performing skills. […]

Written by Sidd Sampla 3 minute read

Maintaining participation in sport

Roy Hodgson’s squad for the forthcoming World Cup remains England’s second youngest squad ever taken to the major tournament, to some extent reflecting the […]

Written by Matt Furness 2 minute read

Can spectator silence improve youth sport performance and enjoyment?

For those of us that have watched Ray Winstone’s performance of ‘Angry Football Dad’ for the FA’s Respect campaign, we can truly experience the […]

Written by Michael Mooney 2 minute read

Have you created the right performance environment for your athletes?

With 6 days to go to until we kick off the 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup I found myself wondering about the past few […]

Written by Stuart Pattison 8 minute read

Brazil 2014: Coaching style – how can it influence the World Cup results?

England has during the last World Cups experienced different styles of coaching. Sven Gøran Eriksson applied his democratic coaching style on the English stars, […]

Written by Frank Heggebo 3 minute read