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Impression Management

Let’s be honest, everyone tries to impress other people on a daily basis. We all (or at least most) try to impress others – […]

Written by Mark Keep 3 minute read

The Relative Age Effect in Sport

The attainment of sports expertise has been of great interest to coaches and sport psychologists. Talented athletes are identified from a young age and […]

Written by Karim Tayara 3 minute read

Self-Belief, Mastery Experiences, and Performance in Sport

Considering the new name of the website, I thought it would be fitting to expand on the relationship between belief and performance. In order […]

Written by Lennie Waite 2 minute read

What are Learning Styles and what are their Implications for Coaching/Teaching?

So what learning style are you? It should be very easy to find out. You can simply take a number of written or online […]

Written by James Barraclough 7 minute read

Music, Quotes and Exercise: Is it a ‘Fad’ or Fact?

Today we are living in a digital era, and the advancements being made in technology are continuing to grow at extortionate rates. Since the […]

Written by Hannah Farmer 2 minute read

Behaviourist approach to diving in football

Behaviourism has been about for a long time in psychology circles. Piloted by Pavlov (1897) in his study with dogs, it posits that a […]

Written by Anne-Marie Higgins 2 minute read

Making the most of training sessions in Football

Players, who graduate from Premier League Youth Academies that gain professional contracts at the age of 16, are likely to have spent 10 years […]

Written by David McHugh 3 minute read

Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence (PCDEs)

The ability to perform at an elite level is often used as the definition for talent. This term is often bandied around as if […]

Written by Mark Keep 2 minute read

Gender Issues within the Coach and Athlete Relationship

Gender Issues in Sport Social Role Theory (SRT) (Eagly, 1987) provides an insight into why gender issues may arise within the Coach and athlete […]

Written by Nollaig O' Sullivan 3 minute read

Steve McClaren: What psychological qualities are needed to excel in elite football?

Time for a culture change?

Changing an environment or culture is no easy task and cannot be viewed in a quick fix scheme. As a leader in the core […]

Written by Kyle McDonald 1 minute read

Creating the winning mentality

Lately a metaphoric earthquake struck in football minded Holland. The Dutch FA & several ‘experts’ claim ‘Dutch football has to improve’. Despite a 3rd […]

Written by Mauro van de Looij 4 minute read

Developing an effective Team in Sport

We’ve all been there. Sometimes a team performance just clicks. Every play works, everyone seems to read the mind of their team mates and […]

Written by Lucie Daman 2 minute read

Motivating athletes: The role of the organisation

“Motivation will almost always beat mere talent” Norman Ralph Augustine Motivation is a key subject for athletes, coaches and sporting organisations. In sport psychology, […]

Written by Ruth Senior 2 minute read

Talent Development in Young Footballers.

Talent Identification and development has become a key focus for National Governing Bodies, Regional teams and Local clubs all over the globe in many […]

Written by Ross Methven 4 minute read

Why kids quit sport

Youth sport is a subject close to my heart. As a parent of three pre school-age children, participation in organised sporting activities is already […]

Written by Richard Fryer 3 minute read

Are pushy parents needed to develop elite athletes?

When listening to interviews with Tiger Woods, you will always here him comment positively about his Father’s influence in his development as a golfer. […]

Written by David Faulkner 3 minute read

Hostility in Sport

Professional players in the world of sport are expected to be, as they are labelled, professional. With recent events highly publicised in the media, […]

Written by Charles Gardiner 3 minute read

The 4 psychological C’s of performance

Sport is a complex equation; there are many components you have to try and combine in order to achieve optimal performance. The four C’s […]

Written by Alexa Passingham 3 minute read

The link between motivation and athlete burnout

Burnout is a maladaptive outcome of sport participation. Kids and talents driven too hard in their sports domain can potentially lead to burnout from […]

Written by Frank Heggebo 3 minute read