We are proud to have the support from elite athletes in a number of different sports who help promote our mission and aims to a large audience.

Our Ambassadors will be sharing their experiences of how psychology applies to their sporting performance. These different experiences will be shared in a number of ways including Video Interviews, Skype Interviews, Podcasts and Blogs.

What we do

We believe that psychology plays a fundamental part within sporting performance. Whether you are a coach, athlete, parent, physiotherapist or nutritionist we believe that it is key to understand how psychology influences behaviour, emotions and sporting performance. We aim to provide the sport community with real life experiences from elite athletes of how they have used sport psychology. We believe that sharing experiences of how athletes have used psychology within their performance will increase the awareness and promote understanding. We believe that these experiences will give the sport community a deeper insight into what role psychology plays within sport

Our Vision

  • To increase the awareness of sport psychology within the sport community.
  • To inform athletes, coaches, parents and the sport community about the valuable contribution that sport psychology brings to athlete development, performance and well-being
  • Our vision is to provide simple and accessible sport psychology to those within the sport community.

Meet the Ambassadors

Claire Hamilton
Darren Carter
Daniel Kirmond
Daniel Powell
George Robson
Jamie Peacock
Jemma Simpson
Jessie Barr 
Jon Jackson
Karen Bardsley 
Marco Loughran
Marc Pugh
Matt Lashoff
Morgan Lake 
Oliver Frost 
Paul Robinson
Ria Male 
Rory Lawson 
Sarah Holt
Sue Smith