Learn 6 basic sport psychology steps to help you to increase the confidence of your players and athletes

About the course

This course is all about developing confident and successful athletes. It includes a 6 step guide to helping coaches improve their players performance. This course has been developed for coaches of all ages and from all backgrounds. The course includes over 3 hours of content which is delivered through powerpoint presentations. It is split up into 6 sections which include basic psychological principles to help coaches to increase their players confidence. Topics included within this course are:

  • Imagery
  • Pre Performance Routines
  • Deep Breathing
  • Goal Setting
  • Mindset
  • Coach feedback
  • Anxiety

Take this course now to not only improve your psychological skills as a coach but to help to improve the psychological performance of your athletes.

This course can be accessed through Udemy.com a large website dedicated to online courses.

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