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‘So What’s Next?’ – Life After Professional Sport

Retirement – the reality! For many years, sport psychologists have referred to retirement from sport as a ‘transition’. However, Nesti and Littlewood (2010) argue […]

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Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) in Sport

Creating a rich, full and meaningful life (while accepting the pain that goes with it) Quote by Russ Harris In this brief article I […]

Written by BelievePerform 2 minute read

Youth Sport: More than Physical, Technical and Tactical development

There are a lot of current discussions in elite sport around helping athletes to ‘thrive’ as people (not just athletes). Sport is a great […]

Written by Rebecca Chidley 2 minute read

The Increasing Need for Youth Mental Health Support

Mental Health and the Whole Athlete  The mental health epidemic among adolescents has been causing us to really become aware of how to prevent […]

Written by Katy Forman 2 minute read

Pressure in Sport, do athletes unlearn skills?

10,000 hours, this is the number many researchers have advocated that it takes for athletes to master their craft. Day in, day out, athletes […]

Written by Carl Brown 2 minute read

Pressure Inurement Training: How to Build Resilience Like Our Olympic Athletes

Every 4 years, athletes from across the globe look to make their dreams of becoming an Olympic champion reality. This often rests on one […]

Written by Elliot Sharp 8 minute read

ACT your way to controlling anxiety

Anxiety is part and parcel of performing in sport for a majority of athletes and being able to manage your anxiety can really help […]

Written by Stephen Renwick 2 minute read

It’s Time to Do Better by Women and Girls in Sports

My journey with sports hasn’t been easy. Like fellow athletes all over the world, I’ve been cut from a team, yelled at by coaches, […]

Written by Cherokee Washington 2 minute read

Mental Discipline

In order for athletes to become elite and perform consistently at a high level, they must exhibit mental discipline.  They must create and follow […]

Written by John Couture 1 minute read

The development of Identity in Youth Sport

A bit of background on identity… If we start with the wider idea of self-identity, it is a clearly delineated self-definition…comprised of those goals, […]

Written by Rebecca Chidley 2 minute read

Stressors, Sports Performance and the Perception of the Athlete

Sports competition has the ability to continually draw large amounts of spectators. A reason because of this is due to the multiple situations in […]

Written by Philip Solomon-Turay 4 minute read

Pushing athletes harder: Why getting too comfortable can be hazardous

The date was 10th October 2017. The hearts of 325 million people were racing with nervous excitement as their country played for a spot at […]

Written by Mudit Krishnani 5 minute read

#8 Slowing down to manage nerves

To help manage nerves or anxiety we want children to practise a really simple technique of learning how to slow things down.

Written by BelievePerform 0 minute read

#7 Mindfulness using your senses

Introduce your students to a really simple mindfulness activity.

Written by BelievePerform 0 minute read

#6 Finding my relaxing and happy place

When I feel anxious or nervous I like to spend 5 minutes imagining I’m in a really relaxing and happy place.

Written by BelievePerform 0 minute read

Self-compassion in sport

Sport is full of challenges; pressure and evaluation, injuries, plateaus, sport-life balance conflicts and relationship issues, to name a few. Conventional wisdom holds that […]

Written by Chloe Oldfield 3 minute read

Is it Beneficial, Ethical or Practical to use Skype for Sport Psychology Consultations?

One of the top Google searches related to finding sport psychologist provision is “sport psychologist near me” (Google Ads, UK, Keyword Planner Search, February […]

Written by Pete Jackson 3 minute read

What motivational climate do you create for young athletes?

Working in various youth sport environments and with several young athletes on an individual basis brings about numerous challenges in relation to athlete motivation […]

Written by Rebecca Chidley 2 minute read

#5 Planning some fun activities into my week

To help boost my mind I find it really helpful to plan some fun and pleasurable activities into my week.

Written by BelievePerform 0 minute read

#4 My feelings treasure chest

Today I am making a list of my favourite feelings and when they happen.

Written by BelievePerform 0 minute read

#3 Sharing our thoughts and feelings

Today I want to talk to you about our mental health and why it is really important to speak to others about how we […]

Written by BelievePerform 0 minute read

#2 Building your confidence

 Today we want to help you to think about how you can start building confidence.

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#1 Introducing Mind Buddy

Welcome to Mind Buddy. I’m here to help you to build positive mental health.

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How Do Endurance Athletes Perceive Mindfulness Techniques?

Mindfulness is the new buzz word sweeping the sporting world, with more athletes shunning the commonly used psychological skills techniques such as self-talk and […]

Written by Charlotte Griffin 1 minute read

‘Negative thoughts and feeling tense’ A footballer’s psychological response

How can anxiety affect performance? There are many theories and models that explain anxiety in a sporting performance, an early theory implied was the […]

Written by Kieran Handson 3 minute read

Daily Mental Skills Practice

Adding daily mental skills practice into your practice routines can be beneficial.  Believing in the power of practicing those mental skills will be a […]

Written by John Couture 3 minute read

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S): Swimmers

Last spring, Swim England hosted its annual Sport Science and Medicine conference with the special topic of the female athlete. In hopes of gaining […]

Written by Hannah Stoyel 2 minute read

Taking time for yourself – even when you don’t feel like it

Charlotte shares her thoughts on why studying less may improve your grades – and your mental health. Have you ever had that feeling that […]

Written by Charlotte Griffin 2 minute read

Utilising a Growth Mindset within a young athlete’s sport journey

The most commonly known use of the ‘Growth Mindset’ approaches have been with education settings, with Carol Dweck conducting most of her mindset research […]

Written by Rebecca Chidley 2 minute read

Developing a Challenge Mindset – A Key to Resilience

“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” – William Arthur Ward. A challenge mindset has long been associated with improved sports […]

Written by Guy Tasker 6 minute read

How Self-Efficacy can Improve Decision Making Abilities in Sport

Five seconds left and a basketball team has the ball, down by one point. The coach has set a play for the team to […]

Written by Philip Solomon-Turay 4 minute read